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Sonos Play:5
The new flagship from Sonos—Play:5—features six drivers, each with their own amp to provide big, rich and well-balanced sound. Like all Sonos speakers, the Play:5 streams music from any of your favorite sources and is controlled from a simple app on...
L5 Remote
First previewed back in January at CES and now finally available for purchase, the L5 Remote transforms iPhones or iPod Touches into all-in-one clickers for any home entertainment system, putting the end of playing hide-and-seek with remote controls...
Savant Home Automation Systems
Savant seamlessly organizes the control of the many elements of a home—lighting, security, A/V, Internet, and even sprinklers—into one handy remote. The only Apple-based networking program like it on the market, Savant simplifies the...
Sonos CR200 Touchscreen Controller
Putting control of multi-room music playback into a smaller, easier to navigate device, Sonos' new remote makes their already winning system even better. Over the past several years using Sonos' Multi-Room Music System, we've been loving the balance...
Latest from Sonos: iPhone App, Free Pandora, Better Internet Radio
Sonos, the premium wireless multi-room music solution, has just released some excellent new software features. With today's update (now version 2.7), Sonos owners can enjoy subscription cost-free, computer-free access to and Pandora personalized...
Sonos ZonePlayer 90 and 120
Sonos is a company we've been following since they came on the scene a few years ago. They've made it incredibly easy to play music throughout your home wirelessly, and continue to outdo admirable competitors, like Apple's AirPort. The...
Apple TV
Overshadowed a bit by the iPhone's debut (and though it was already announced last September), Apple TV ($299) is a device that holds its own in the growing shift to (finally) get the internet out of the confines of the PC. For complete coverage...
Sonos ZP80
Last month Sonos released their new Zone Player 80 (ZP80) and and I've been demoing the system ever since. The Sonos solution allows you to play your digital music throughout your house without having to run any wires between rooms. Playback...