Oxygenated Water's Benefits
Nobody can deny the value of oxygen, but breathing isn't the only way to get it into our bodies. Drinking oxygenated water offers an easy-to-use way to get a lot of oxygen into your system quickly—great for endurance and recovery. OXiGEN water...
Wearable Water: Active Hydration
Whether you are in a boat, a board, hiking a trail or pounding the pavement, staying hydrated while on the move—especially in the heat—is critical. Lugging around clunky bottles can be cumbersome and heavy, so we've searched for some of the best wearable...
Skratch Labs Rescue Hydration Mix
Whether you're flying from New York to Hong Kong, summiting alpine peaks or getting over the flu (or a hangover), dehydration looms. Letting one's fuel gage dip into the red often results in headaches, dizziness and a host of feelings you'll want...
Deep Hydration Lifting Mask
This unique hydrating mask, which incorporates red algae as well as coconut, was originally developed to speed healing for burn victims. Ideal for super-dry skin types, the serum boasts 53% deeper moisture penetration than typical masks.
After Sun Skincare
The days of "hydrating" skin with deep tanning oil while baking in the sun are over. In today's educated world, a high-powered sunscreen is only the foundation for maintaining healthy skin and avoiding damage. Anyone spending time outside in the summer...
Hydration Education
Ask any frequent flier for their tips on how to land at your destination feeling refreshed, and proper hydration will surely rank at the top of the list. Because the level of humidity in most airplane cabins can dip as much as 55% lower than that...