Hyper Hyper

CH Nominated for Webby Awards
Karl Lagerfeld once said, "I like to reinvent myself—it’s part of my job." We couldn't agree more and it falls under our job description as well. When we launched our highly anticipated redesign in November of 2014, we were excited to present a new...
Art Basel with PHHHOTO
We've long been fans of motion-capturing social photo booth PHHHOTO from our friends at HYPERHYPER, and even had the pleasure of playing with it at CH HQ before its official release in early 2013. Though their looped-motion image-creating booth is...
Informing the Future
Since starting Cool Hunting in February 2003, I have derived as much joy from designing the container as creating the contents. With each of our five previous redesigns, we have strived to push innovations in web design while simultaneously elevating...
GIF-Making PHHHOTO Comes to iPhone
For over a year now we've been loving PHHHOTO's moving image minimalist set up—even using it for our holiday party. Above and beyond most other portable photo booths out there, PHHHOTO employs an incredibly flattering light ring attached to an...
GIFs are fun, shareable, and now they're the ultimate party trick. Our friends at software company HYPERHYPER originally created PHHHOTO—a social photo booth that creates looped-motion images—to record a blowout event they were throwing...