Indie Music

Painted Zeros: Call Back As the summer heat gives way to cool breezes and accompanying change, it's well-matched by Brooklyn-based Painted Zeros' new track "Call Back." Ethereal vocals—from lead singer and principal member Katie Lau—drift atop...
Elliot Moss: Best Light
Though just 21 years old, Elliot Moss made a strong debut with his self-produced album Highspeeds—even Zane Lowe is a fan, playing Moss' dark, minimalist pop songs on Apple Music's Beats 1 radio. Moss' new music video for Best Light stays simple like...
Mr Twin Sister: The Erotic Book
Experimental pop group Mr Twin Sister have been embracing their new musical identity (they formerly went by Twin Sister) with tracks that intentionally elude straightforward labels. Riding the mood of their most recent self-titled album, Mr Twin Sister...
Interview: Mr Twin Sister
The five members of the band Mr Twin Sister, armed with a name change and their own recently established label (bidding adieu to Domino), are finally letting go of an album three years in the making. And upon listening through the eight tracks in...
Interview: Graph Rabbit
by Naheed Simjee NYC-based Butterscotch Records recently hosted a unique event that defines its guiding philosophy. Two of the artists on the label, Mikael Jorgensen and Graph Rabbit, played a show at west LA record shop Touch Vinyl and while the...