Loomo, the Mobile Robot Sidekick from Segway
A visual analysis of Loomo gives quite a bit away. First, its wheels and connective feet-platform nods to its parent company, Segway Robotics, which makes sense as Loomo is a personal, self-balancing transporter itself. But when you look Loomo in the...
Matrix's Body-Heat-Powered Smartwatch, PowerWatch
One of the biggest challenges to activity- and sleep-tracking gadgets happens to be the disruption caused by charging. While battery life has improved for certain devices, anyone looking for a solid, entire day read loses accuracy for those power...
CoWatch by iMCO
Chinese company iMCO's new CoWatch has everything a smartwatch these days needs to offer: activity-tracking sensors (including heart rate), smart-home integration, compatible with iOS and Android, 1GB memory and 8GB storage, and an impressive...
New Toronto-based venture Pishon Labs offers two different padlocks that open with your fingerprint. Built upon a compact Fingerprints Cards AB FPC1020 sensor, the one-touch lock is certainly more convenient, if not faster, than traditional ones...
The Foldable, Shapeable Orilamp
Combining the elegance of traditional paper lanterns with the convenience of Bluetooth technology is the new Orilamp, a striking battery-powered mood light designed in Toronto. As the name indicates, it's inspired by origami and is foldable and...
Flic: Cute as a Button
It seems that nothing can stop the Swedish startup juggernaut at the moment, as another piece of tech by Shortcut Labs gets its crowdfunding launch. Unlike many hardware offerings though, Flic is a simple premise at a winning price point. Essentially...
Tens Filter Sunglasses
Thanks to the ever-expanding world of social media photography, many of us have become a little filter obsessed. The ability to enhance or modify everything we capture means easily morphing reality into the prettiest versions technology can envision...
WaterBean Filter
While there are a plethora of water filtration containers on the market, from the popular Bobble to the elegant Nava by Kor or Eau Good, WaterBean proposes to do the same, without the bottle. On a fishing trip with his family, UK-born, Japan-based...