Indigo Dye Kit
With no heating, fermentation or extra ingredients, Yamato Indigo only needs water and you're on your way to dyeing fabric a lush, vibrant blue. Able to color natural materials (including cotton, linen, silk, leather, wood and washi paper), the starter...
Beat Waist Bag
A less sporty, yet decidedly athleisure version of the fanny pack, Porter's Beat Bag is made from once-washed cotton canvas and comes in a subtle beige colorway. With several different compartments and pockets, functional organization is a key feature...
JYUNI White Collection
Japanese brand Images on model courtesy of ASICS, slideshow by Cool Hunting
Mesh Mobile Ashtray
Help keep the earth nice and tidy with a mobile mesh ashtray from esteemed Tokyo brand Tsubota Pearl. Drop your roaches or butts in the lined pouch when puffing on the go.
Japanese Indigo Peace Sign T-Shirt
Dyed and printed in Japan on 100% combed, ring-spun cotton yarn, this T-shirt has a few messages up its sleeves. Of course, there's the graphic on the front encouraging peace. But further details, from the vintage-inspired small cut-out gussets at...
CH Omakase 2016: Cole Haan GrandPrø Omakase Edition Tennis Sneakers
It's no secret how much we love indigo here at Cool Hunting. We've worked with Cole Haan for many years, admiring their technical innovations, accessibility, comfort, and the great people behind them. The kinds of people who, instead of laughing at...
RVS Eyewear's Rebirth Collection
Handmade in Japanese and Italian factories, Vidal Erkohen's RVS Eyewear continues to uphold a standard that extends even further beyond high-quality materials and manufacturing. Each design appeals aesthetically, anchored by its ability to be forward...
Patchwork Cotton Twill Shirt
With plenty of thoughtful touches and embellishments, this lightweight button-down Junya Watanabe MAN piece is much more than a regular shirt. With an inverted pleat, patchwork fabric (all in navy and white) on the back, and a dramatic scooped shirttail...
CH Global Spin: Japanese Ceramics
by Karen Day In Japan, tea is a serious subject. As we learned by participating in Tom Sachs’ artistic take on the traditional tea ceremony at New York's Noguchi Museum this year, the concept of chanoyu dates back to the 9th century, adheres to...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Depressing News About Alcohol Bad news for wine enthusiasts and cocktail experts: alcohol has been directly linked to several types of cancer in a new study published in "Addiction." More than liver cancer (which, of course, most people already...
House of Matcha
Stephen Cheuk, the designer-turned-trainer and founder of intimate NYC gym S10 Training has another obsession alongside helping clients reach sub-10% body fat (without the use of cardio machines). It's high-quality, ceremonial-grade matcha. Well...
Pherrow's 'Bakapile' Collection from Japan
Meguro, Tokyo-based casual sportswear brand Pherrow's turned 25 this year, and they've dedicated the SS16 season to all things "Blue." Though known for their American-inspired denim (with back patches displaying "Japan's Magnificent Garment...
Babymetal: Gimme Chocolate!! (Live)
"I'm not sure what I'm about to see," says Stephen Colbert before introducing his next musical guest, "but I'm pretty excited about it!" J-pop trio Babymetal executes their harmonies and choreography with every ounce of cuteness and respect required...
The Hill-Side
The Hill-Side are masters at modern workwear, and their very first brick-and-mortar is stocked with the Japanese-inspired goods that earned them GQ’s “Best New Menswear Designers in America” title. From indigo neckties to sashiko-stitched tote bags...
Golda by Studio Cue LA
You might not be as familiar with hiba as you are with Japan's more well-known native offering, the hinoki cypress, but its unique benefits are aplenty. The essential oil extracted from rare hiba wood, which can take 300 years to mature, is said...
Vintage Patched Boro Kimono
Sri Threads is one of NYC's hidden gems: a boutique collection of rare Japanese and Indian textiles inside an apartment building in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood. This boro kimono dates back to the mid to late 19th century, woven in a pattern...
Crystal: Rendez-Vous
Japanese synth-loving trio Crystal has created the most fitting soundtrack for the videogame that's become our internet-centered lives. The perfect blend of artificial nostalgia, quirky sound effects and a good squeeze of Jean-Michel Jarre meets Donkey...
Jutaku: Japanese Houses
With 400+ houses featured across its 500+ pages, Jutaku: Japanese Houses is pretty big—considering its physical size is quite compact. Showcasing the best, strangest and most daring of contemporary Japanese residential architecture with full-color...
Amsterdam-based, Japanese-inspired Kiyoko
With their debut product being a quality, 100% natural lip balm ("that softens your lips on a sunny morning after a swim in the lake," the minimalist packaging reads), many (incorrectly) considered the mysterious brand Kiyoko to be a new skincare...
Learn Japanese with LexiCandy
There are many tactics for learning a second (or third) language. Most can be rather daunting, and employ a very traditional form of memorization—with a couple tricks thrown in. New webapp LexiCandy is different. It utilizes an array of media...
Home Bank
Tokyo-based Ryo Kashiwazaki's label Hender Scheme has become known for its thoughtfully designed shoes—many of which are crafted from natural, un-dyed leather. Kashiwazaki gives the same attention to this Home Bank made from raw cow leather. It's a...
JAXA Reversible Climbing Jacket
Boasting a spectacular image taken by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's (JAXA) land-observing satellite "DAICHI," this climbing jacket from Minotaur is reversible and comes in three colorways: blue, green or black. The photo is of the rainforest...
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