Jon Burgerman

It's Great to Create
NYC-based artist Jon Burgerman has just released a fun and inspiring activity book called "It's Great to Create: 101 Fun Creative Exercises for Everyone." Perfect for anybody who wants to unleash their artistic side, but isn't sure where to start...
CH Omakase 2016: Jon Burgerman Sticker Collection
To call Jon Burgerman a CH favorite would be an understatement; we've been following the UK-born, NY-based artist and designer since 2005. His work frequently incorporates vibrant, playful characterizations—dilemmas such as "Which do I like better...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Prince's Paisley Park to Open to the Public Most people will remember exactly where they were when they heard that His Royal Badness, Prince, passed away. The tragic news then led to many wondering what would happen to his immense backlog of...
Print All Over Me + Jon Burgerman
No space, whether it be blank pages, buildings or even a person's right arm (for tattooing), is safe from UK-raised, Brooklyn-based artist (and CH favorite) Jon Burgerman's doodles and cheeky sense of humor. The playful artist's most recent endeavor...
Jon Burgerman Necklaces
Obsessive doodler Jon Burgerman has swapped pen and paper for sterling silver with his necklaces for Digby & Iona. The celebrated illustrator's playful characters hang from a 25-inch oxidized chain, all handmade in Brooklyn.
Jon Burgerman: Head Shots
With lambent wit, awareness and a desire to question the materials that cross our collective path on a daily basis, one of CH's favorite artists, Jon Burgerman, has debuted a new photo series on his website, titled Head Shots. In a way, it's a continuation...
Jon Burgerman: Racing Lines
NYC-based artist Jon Burgerman will be taking a transatlantic flight back home for his upcoming show "Racing Lines" at London's prestigious Southbank Centre, opening on 12 November 2013. Armed with pens and—sometimes digital—paint, Burgerman's works...
Jon Burgerman's Drawings of Girls I've Seen on Tumblr
Intrigued by the Tumblr-girl phenomenon—where images of girls are posted online and then endlessly reblogged on various Tumblr sites—Brooklyn-based illustrator Jon Burgerman has decided to join in. Only instead of simply reposting selected images...
My American Summer
Jon Burgerman is as easily distracted as he is a talented and obsessive doodler. Fortunately, his humorous ruminations recently made their way from his sketchbook to the printed page in a new self-published book called "My American Summer". The...