Kitchen Tools

Atlas 150 Pasta Maker
With over 80 years of experience, Italian homeware company Mercato knows a thing or three about pasta—and any noodle enthusiast knows that homemade iterations taste far superior to store-bought, dry versions. Not only does the hand-cranked Atlas 150...
Nut Butter Mixer
Anybody who avoids the trans-fat saturated and sugary nut butter varieties knows the oily, separated gloop that becomes of a fancy—or just healthy—nut butter. Instead of stirring it with a knife (like a chump) try this logical, but very clever mixer...
R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set
This R2-D2 figurine cleverly disassembles to reveal a full set of measuring cups and spoons to make your next meal absolutely epic.
Range Smart Thermometer
A lucky few are born with the ability to cook perfect dishes time and again. For the rest of us, there's the Range: A smart thermometer that measures and records temperature, sending alerts to your mobile devices when your food is ready—or more accurately...
Kuhn Rikon Corn Twister
Grilled corn on the cob is a summer BBQ staple, but fresh corn "off" the cob can be even more versatile, adding color and sweetness to any dish from breakfast to dinner. Providing an alternative to the cumbersome, messy and semi-risky method of removing...
Pidge Boards
A quality wood cutting board will last a lifetime and only improve with age and use. With summer barbecue and picnic season in full force, we wanted a board that would stand the test of time and look good along the way. Pidge Boards from Boulder...
Modernist Cuisine Baking Steel
After Modernist Cuisine's first two books, their debut encyclopedia of kitchen knowledge and their lighter at home edition, the kitchen scientists at Washington's Bellvue-based lab embarked on a new kind of adventure—creating products that "help...
Smool Kitchen Tools
Dutch design agency Smool, led by founding designer Robert Bronwasser, presented an exhaustive collection of products for the home this past week in Milan as part of Ventura Lambrate. Among the furniture, television and even transportation designs...
Espro Press + George Howell Coffee
It's no secret we're coffee fanatics here at CH HQ. When we're not in Portland coveting a cup of Heart or visiting LA for a pristine espresso by Handsome Coffee Roasters we're always on the lookout for some accessible coffee to accompany our all...
Bourbon Barrel Grill Wood
One of our favorite Fancy Food Show finds, Bourbon Barrel Foods harnesses the flavors in bourbon barrels to infuse salts, sugar and spices as well as their barrel-aged soy sauce, sorghum, Worcestershire and Kentuckyaki. Now Bourbon Barrel Foods...
Determined to bring the quality of wood-fired pizza home without having to invest in the pricey and cumbersome options that fill the market, Kristian Tapaninaho created the prototype for Uuni, an affordable, wood-burning oven that is small enough...
CH Gift Guide: Last-Minute Solutions
For those hoping an apocalypse would save them from buying this year's holiday gifts, it's looking like you may need to devise a new strategy. If you haven't bought all the presents for everyone on your list, here are 12 items from the Cool Hunting...
The School of Artisan Food
The process of making food artisanally can be slow and tedious, but undoubtedly yields more flavor and personality in its products. Often passed down from generation to generation, these by-hand methods bring the baker, butcher and cheese-maker...
DQM + Cliché Corkscrew
As part of the recent collaboration launched earlier this month between NYC's famed skate boutique DQM and French skateboard company Cliché, this old-fashioned corkscrew comes just in time to help celebrate the holidays. To give the basic tool...