Laurence King

The Modern Magazine
London-based graphic designer and founder of magCulture, an editorial design consultancy and an equally-informative magazine design blog, Jeremy Leslie is channeling 25 years of experience into his newest book, "The Modern Magazine: Visual Journalism...
Numbers in Graphic Design
A British graphic designer and founder of Struktur Design, Roger Fawcett-Tang brings us "Numbers in Graphic Design," a new sourcebook for dealing with information-heavy design. The practical guide surveys one of the more fascinating players in...
Vintage Menswear
Safeguarding the proud stock of British sportswear, Douglas Gunn and Roy Lucket founded The Vintage Showroom in 2007 as a collector's tribute to historic threads. Their Notting Hill showroom and retail space in Covent Garden's Seven Dials are dedicated...
100 Best Bikes
An up-to-the minute catalogue of the bike and brands that are changing the cycling industry, "100 Best Bikes" curates a mighty selection ranging from compact folding rides to chainless wonders. Zahid Sardar details throughout the book objects that...
This Means This, This Means That
Those who have tried to plough through the works of Ferdinand de Saussure or Jacques Derrida are likely to flee from anything with "semiotics" in the title—and with good reason. Without a significant amount of time and dedication, the field...