Local Food

Word of Mouth Baltimore: Food and Drink
by Emily Bihl For a city whose cultural points of recognition are commonly “The Wire” or John Waters, Baltimore is a constantly evolving town that has a lot to offer visitors and locals of all types, as we learned in our video guide to the city a...
Word of Mouth Denver: Cannabis and Culinary Culture
The hype surrounding the highly regulated legalization of retail marijuana in Colorado has subsided in the last six months, with tax revenue forecasts being taken down a notch and the absence of statewide hysteria confirming what may have motivated...
Brooklyn Sesame Halva Spread
Taking Brooklyn by storm is newcomer Brooklyn Sesame, whose debut product breaks down dense, crumbly blocks of sweet halva (Arabic for "dessert") into a delicious spread for more versatile munching. Halva is a traditional food enjoyed all over...
The Jam Stand
Ever since we discovered boozy jams made from local spirits, our expectations for unique, bold flavors have drastically increased—and the offerings from Brooklyn-based The Jam Stand do not disappoint. Founders Jessica Quon and Sabrina Valle aren...
CHI, Beijing
So far in Beijing, the exploration of culinary culture has mainly moved on the boundaries of regional ethnic food. Spicy Sichuan delicacies—which used to have a strong grasp on the capital’s food scene in the past decade—passed the torch to the natural...
CO Everywhere App
At times—even in NYC—it can feel like nothing is happening nearby. To keep you connected CO Everywhere lets users tap into any area, whether you're physically there or not. The easy-to-navigate app lets you zero in on a specific location—be it a...
The Pharmacy Burger Parlor
There isn't anything medicinal about The Pharmacy Burger Parlor, but a trip to the East Nashville eatery can certainly make diners feel better. The restaurant's focus is on local ingredients and house-made treats—a variety of frankfurter wurstchen...
Puff's Preserves
Whether it's homemade vodka popsicles or alcoholic cupcakes, the CH staff seems partial to sweet treats that involve a little tipple. A welcome newcomer is Denver-based Puff's Preserves; handcrafted small-batch boozy jams that spice up any ho-hum...
De Kas, Amsterdam
by Jennifer Miller Imagine eating dinner inside a house made almost entirely of glass. The walls are eight meters high and one can see vibrant gardens, nesting storks and rows upon rows of tall climbing vines, strung with leaves and laden with tomatoes...