Spring and Summer NYC Getaways
New York City is infamously sweltering in summer, and most full-time residents begin thinking of escape sometime in spring. While the Hamptons, Fire Island, Montauk, Asbury Park, et al are top priorities for some, there's plenty of charm and relief...
11 Howard Hotel, NYC
Located in NYC's SoHo, boutique hotel 11 Howard eschews gimmicks and over-the-top glitz for a timeless Danish minimalist aesthetic. The space feels entirely part of NYC and, at the same time, a world away from the city's ceaseless pulse. Visitors...
"Old Kyoto"'s Historical Machiya Rental Properties in the Gion Neighborhood
Developed for travelers visiting Kyoto's Yasaka Shrine (which began construction in the year 656), the alluring Gion neighborhood later transformed into an exclusive geisha district with plenty of tea houses, bars and restaurants. Gion today has plenty...
Rivertown Lodge, Hudson
Opened last October in Hudson, New York, Rivertown Lodge doesn't look like much when you pull up (or walk the 20 minutes from the Amtrak train station). Formerly a 1920s movie theater later converted into a motel in 1958, the new 27-room hotel on Warren...
ION Hotel, Iceland
Iceland is often dubbed "the land of fire and ice"—and not just because "Game of Thrones" chose the island nation as a frequent filming location. About the size of Kentucky, Iceland boasts some of the most starkly juxtaposed landscapes in the world...
Graham & Co. Hotel, Catskills
by Janine Stankus On a sunny Saturday in May, the Esopus River runs red from recent rains and the tiny town of Phoenicia, NY is beginning to stir. A fleet of motorcycles rolls onto the one-block main drag while a pair of young men on beach cruisers...
Hotel Lincoln
It may not be right down on Michigan Avenue or in the heart of the Loop, but take one step outside or gaze from the rooftop deck and you'll understand why you're here in the heart of Lincoln Park. Hotel Lincoln opened in 2012 and sits across from Green...