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Bryte: Nadia Number
Paris-based producer Myth Syzer has created beats for his fellow French artists Joke and Yann Ichon as well as Harlem-based rapper Perrion. If his remix of Wiz Khalifa's "Work" didn't get your head bobbing, "Clean Shoes," featuring epic rhymes from...
Myth Syzer: Clean Shoes (feat. Prince Waly)
Aussie three-piece garage outfit Bloods comes in swinging on their latest single "No Fun." With an upbeat and in-your-face attitude, the band evokes a carefree, "windows down in the summertime" feeling while keeping things just edgy enough—calling...
Bloods: No Fun
2NE1 made waves throughout South Korea by differing themselves from their fellow cookie-cutter all-girl pop groups, who seemed to take stage as eye candy rather than as performers. Influenced by hip-hop, R&B and a good dose of electronic dance, 2NE1...
2NE1: Missing You
A dreamy mix of Balearic beats, Scandinavian pop, Greek nonchalance and a touch of Sade make the aptly named duo Keep Shelly in Athens a melodic wonder. "Oostende" brings their yearning to life in a video teeming with shooting stars and missed connections...
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