Incase MacBook Air Hardshell Case
by Ariston Anderson Normally we wouldn't put a thing on our MacBook Air. It's so light and well...airy. We'd never want to cover up such a perfect piece of design. That is until now. The Incase MacBook Air Hardshell adds a layer of protection...
Sometimes the obvious choice is the best choice, which is why we love the new manila envelope-based AirMail sleeve designed for the new MacBook Air by our favorite quick thinkers, Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans. Yep, someone already did it. We...
Macworld 2008
Those of you as obsessed as we are (read: setting up our laptops at the lunch table) already know today's Macworld news—the overall theme of which seemed to be wireless capabilties—but for the rest of you Steve Jobs today announced...
Adobe CS3
The long awaited Adobe Creative Suite 3 is confirmed for release at the end of the month at a special event in New York City. While details are being withheld until 27 March, this teaser video surfaced today (and correlates to this UK site). It's...
Linen MacBook Sleeves
Wrappers just released their new linen MacBook sleeves. They are free of logos and labels, available in five colors, and the tag can be personalized with your initial. The innovative side closure keeps your laptop snug without Velcro or zippers. The...
Coverflow Icon
Since Josh blog, where he also reveals that he's in the process of trying to personalize the icon so it shows examples of each individual user's own music collection.
iTunes is great for keeping all your music organized but it's oddly lacking a visual browsing component. Sometimes you just want to flip thru album covers and discover an old favorite or even something new. Coverflow is tight little application...
Apple Macintosh 20th Anniversary
Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Apple Macintosh. We're all wondering whether there will be a special Mac released sometime soon to commemorate Apple's achievement...
1984 redux
Today Steve Jobs gave the keynote at Macworld 2004 in San Francisco. The iPod mini is very exciting, as is iLife 4 . The most exciting thing of the day for me, however, was the little remake of the original Apple Macintosh ad from 1984 . My favorite...