Made In Italy

Salotto Shoes
M Gemi's Salotto slip-on shoes, crafted by talented Toscana artisans who use the highest quality materials, can be paired with casual shorts as easily as with suit pants. With a nappa calfskin upper and an all-leather lining, these shoes feature a...
TYG Spectacles
by Ivan Carvalho for Freunde von Freunden With over 7,000 kilometers of coastline, Italy is blessed by geography since locals are never too far from a beach and a chance to soak up the sun’s rays. It’s no wonder then that wearing sunglasses...
QuaDror Furniture by Dror +
CH first covered Dror Benshetrit's QuaDror structural support system—a weight-efficient approach to space truss geometry that can essentially build collapsible structures from flat-packed pieces—when it existed only in sketches, renderings and...
Manufacturing Renaissance Pop-Up Book
Once upon a time, there was young tailor who decided to move from Naples to Soragna, a small town in the north of Italy. Thanks to his skill and passion, the tailor's little workshop grew and eventually became a factory capable of making beautiful...
Aztech Mountain's Team Reversible Fleece
The changing of seasons means recalibrating daily wardrobe essentials. While those akin to flexing their fashion muscles welcome the cooler temperatures of fall, spring is often another story. Here in NYC, spring is the time when temperatures rise...
Pinocchio Barrique Bottle
Crafted from oak drawn from FSC-certified forests in Europe, the beautiful Pinocchio Barrique Bottle marries two of the alcohol world's most valued commodities: wood barrels and glass bottles. Now crowd-funding on Kickstarter, the Barrique Bottle...
Movement-Minded Suiting by Huez*
For all the sartorial advancements in bike commuting apparel, producing a suit that can truly crossover from the bike lane to the boardroom has eluded most designers. Where a taped-seam, zippered pocket or smattering of visible reflectivity (however...
Interview: David Chipperfield
Sir David Chipperfield is decidedly one of the most globally recognized personalities in architecture and design. His award-winning work has been recognized many times over for its simplicity and clarity of vision, and recently, he was appointed...
WeberHodelFeder Shoes
While duos are aplenty in the creative fields, a strong design trio is definitely cause to pull the car over and further investigate. WeberHodelFeder (WHF) might sound like it should be followed by loud "Gesundheit!" but a glance at the label's high...
ISAORA's Combo Down Moto Jacket
If NYC-based performance oriented menswear label ISAORA has taught us anything over the years, it's to expect the unexpected. The brand continues to break new ground both in terms of aesthetics and functionality—a recent garment was designed to transform...
Studio Visit: Paula Cademartori
Constantly surrounded by architectural and natural beauty alike, Italians sometimes need someone from abroad to remind them of their exceptional surroundings. This may happen when friends and family visit or when some talented creative mind falls...
Riva Aquarama Special n.629
Only 277 Riva Aquarama boats were built between 1962 and 1996, capturing Mediterranean glamour in the form of a beautifully crafted speedboat. RAM, Riva's workshop in Sarnico, released a meticulously restored model of the boat dubbed "the Ferrari of...
Oppermann's Newest Surfaces Collection
Oppermann was founded in 2012 by brothers Mattis and Niklas Opperman, both young upstarts at just 25 and 26 respectively. Opting to completely cut out the conventional distribution and physical outlet model of the fashion world, the leather goods...
Travelteq Introduces the Moro Collection
There are some definite must-have attributes to travel bags and laptop bags: proper weight distribution, functionality, durability—and ideally beauty. With Travelteq's newly released line, the Soft Moro, there's all that and more. The two bags in...
Speedometer Official Bezel Bracelet
Inspired by the bezels found on Rolex's iconic Oyster Perpetual series of watches, Speedmaster Official's unisex bracelets are made in Italy from marine-grade stainless steel in a range of colors.
Celebrating the History and Future of Knitwear, Maglifico!
Knitwear has always been a field of experimentation in fashion. Adopted by true pioneers like Coco Chanel and Azzedine Alaïa, it continues to evolve and intrigue thanks to brands like Missoni and Kenzo. True innovation of knitwear manifests because...
Italy's Stylish, Customizable Dudebike
Francesco Bordin—creative director and co-founder at Dudebike—best explains the recipe that led to the increasing success of its new creation: “Take a typical Italian folding bike of the '60s and '70s with 20-inch wheels, take away everything that...
Scatto Italiano
Cycling holds a very significant place in the heart of Italian culture and design. From the annual Giro d'Italia race (that sends a rushing stream of neon spandex and carbon fiber through the countryside) to "Bicycle Thieves" (aka "The Bicycle Thief...
Interview: Marc Newson
Recently, we reported on the launch of a new collaboration between Safilo and acclaimed Australian designer Marc Newson, meant to celebrate 80 years of activity for the historic Italian eyewear company. At Milan Design Week, we had the honor to talk...
In Latin, the word “incipit” means "the beginning." Reflecting the word's meaning, Incipit is also a new Milan-based creative lab and business. The aim is simple yet brave: to help young designers produce their first objects by enlisting the best...
Studio Visit: Wood'd
by Heather Stewart Feldman Italian company Wood’d makes tech accessories and other objects from wood and leather, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics and processes with artisan woodworking skills and techniques. Determined to contribute to the...
Isaora + Ghostly Quadcube Insulated Shirt
Ann Arbor, Michigan's Ghostly International may have started as an independent record label, but the enigmatic group of creatives has long since shed such categorical limitations, making influential contributions in visual arts, product design...
Technical road cycling gear has long-suffered from a dearth in style. While no roadie would ever shy away from spandex, the color schemes and the overwhelmingly Windows '98-looking graphics in the industry have been overdue for a change for some...
Ledbury: Editor's Picks for Fall 2013
Advertorial content: There's certainly a chill in the air here in the northern hemisphere, but it's no reason to forgo style. In fact, the colder months are the optimal time to step up both casual and formal looks with layers and textures. After the...
Giada Flagship Opening in Milan
Giada is a unique case of Chinese-owned, Italian-designed fashion branding—and so far the only existing case in the world of luxury. The Asian side is invested in by RedStone Haute Couture, and the European anchor rests in Italy and was created...
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