Man Tear

Shuggie Otis: Destination You!
Inspiration Information is particularly special around CH—it's not only one of our favorite Shuggie Otis albums but its title track was also our founders' official wedding song. So we couldn't be more excited about the album reissue, which is packaged...
ADULT.: Tonight, We Fall
Telling label Ghostly International this is "the closest we have come to writing traditional 'pop' songs, even though we know they are totally mutants," Adult. husband-and-wife- duo Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller loosen their Detroit electro-punk...
James Blake: Overgrown
Two years after his groundbreaking debut, this week young British artist James Blake released his sophomore album, Overgrown, which showcases a more focused and determined musician. He explains in a recent interview with The Guardian that the title...
Man Tear: Outside Amore
A new Swedish duo made up of Studio Barnhus musicians Axel Boman and Petter Nordkvist, Man Tear tapped Bowman's cousin and regular collaborator (and successful filmmaker) Johan Jonason to lend his vocals for their debut track "Outside Amore," now out...
Lord Huron: Lonesome Dreams Lord Huron delivered "part one in an exciting series of adventures" with their video for "Lonesome Dreams," the third track on their album of the same name. Cleverly, "Lonesome Dreams" is also the name of a series of books...