Kennedy App
Journaling is a common New Year's resolution that always seems to creep its way back onto the list year after year—yet it doesn't have to. Thanks to a tip from Netted, we came across Kennedy, an iPhone app that archives the moments you want to remember...
L.A. Son
Chef Roy Choi helped kick off the food truck craze back in 2008 with his wildly popular Kogi Truck in LA, in which he served up his now-famous Korean tacos. The godfather of the street food revolution brings us his first book—a memoir and cookbook...
Custom View-Master Reel
Those 3D View-Masters from your childhood are back, only this time you can run seven personal photos through the eyepiece for a creative trip down memory lane. The nostalgic experience is brought to you by Image3D, a company founded by Rich Dubnow...
Memolio Giveaway
A quick three-step process, Memolio turns digital images into transportable pictures. The compact album houses 24 images on durable, water-resistant card stock within personalized front and back covers. Ideal as mini portfolios or a modern take on...
Ooms Memory Stick
Oooms made the rounds last week — check out the geeky visual pun, intended to stand out against the slick plastics of normal office gear, on We Make Money Not Art and Treehugger. Starts at €79 for 128MB (goes up to 1G) from Oooms. Also...
Mimobot Giveaway!
As a little holiday treat we teamed up with Mimoco to give away full sets of 256MB goSeries Mimobots (Magma, Galaxor, Vera, Jolibear, & Ta2b) to two lucky readers. The rules are simple: - send an email to coolhunting [at] mimoco [dot] com before...
Mimoco goSeries
The good kids over at Mimoco just announced their new line of USB storage toys and gave us the first peek. The goSeries of mimobots was designed by Yahid Rodriguez who also designed the first run of mimobots, the preorder direct from Mimoco (they...
Mimobot 2GB
Remember the Mimobot USB drives we showed you back in August? Well they're now available in a bigger, better and hungrier 2GB capacity for $189 (pre-order) at Mimoco. Isadore (left) and Fairybit (right) are joined by plain protobots in black...
Mimoco Figurine Flash Drives
I love toys and I also love tech gadgets. I've been known to through down the cash for either items rather impulsively. So there's not much doubt as to whether or not this figurine flash drive from Mimoco will be adopted by me in near future...
Mini Mate
The Mac Mini has such great potential to be a home media hub, but the hard drive options it ships with are not very well suited to such use. Apparently upgrading to a higher capacity internal drive isn't much of an option either because they...
Pretty Little USB Bug
I have to agree with Joel, this is definitely the most elegant USB drive made so far. It's only USB 1.1 (they slow version) and only holds 256MB, but that's all trumped by the gold lady bug design. For true Geek Chic all you need to do is glue...
The recipient’s mailbox is full. Doh! How many times have we all seen that message? Many email providers are starting to increase the amount of space they offer but too many people who haven’t made the shift still suffer from eClaustrophobia...
Digisette DUO eCassette is an elegant solution to a diminishing problem. For those who still keep a second residence in the analog world, this digital storage device plays when you insert it in any cassette deck. You can use flash memory cards to...
Info Mica
Info Mica is a clear plastic data storage solution from NTT that uses holographic technology to store lots of information in a small space with very little power requirements. A special reader will be needed to get data off of the Info Mica, but...
Nikon CoolWalker
Today Nikon also announced the CoolWalker MSV-01 mobile storage device. The MSV-01 is the first in a new line of digital image storage devices that solves the storage limitation problem of CF. It will no longer be necessary to have a slough of CF...