Miami Art Week 2017

Miami Art Week 2017: All The Colors of The Rainbow
Infatuation with all the colors certainly isn't new—rainbows transfix, prisms delight. When the entire spectrum finds itself working together, there's something quite captivating. Color theory is an important element of so many works. Some artists...
Miami Art Week 2017: Women Artists Address The Female Body
As the Guerrilla Girls made clear through their large-scale, statistics-driven mural at FAIR., women artists are still wildly underrepresented in the art world's institutions. And while the aforementioned fair (and others in Miami and around the globe...
Miami Art Week 2017: Emerging Art Platforms
It may have begun with Art Basel—and DesignMiami/ might be the most exciting, reasonable and selective show in town—but Miami Art Week continues to expand beyond control. This year, a few emerging platforms stood out, requiring a bit of extra attention...
Lars Jan's "Slow-Moving Luminaries" for the Third Audemars Piguet Art Commission
No piece featured at Art Basel Miami Beach embraces its surroundings quite like Lars Jan's "Slow-Moving Luminaries." The third annual Audemars Piguet Art Commission, Jan's sculptural work carries tremendous complexity as it toys with the ideas of crisis...
Drink Like You're at Art Basel With These Luxuriant Cocktails
It's known that the libations during Miami Art Week might get just as much attention as the fairs, installations and exhibitions. For the most part, guests indulge in simple cocktails and plenty of champagne. Bombay Sapphire, however, went above and...
Anxiety Versus Serenity at Artsy Projects Miami 2017
It's a place of opposition—natural and artificial, serene and anxious. This is the latest Artsy Projects, the continuation of a programming series that's occupied everywhere from Brussels to San Francisco, and now opening its doors to the public in...