Modern Art

Word of Mouth: Art Museums of Cartagena
by Leora Novick As enticing as the rainbow-colored, sun-soaked streets of the old city of Cartagena, Colombia may be, the city’s museums hold an abundance of art, both modern and historic, to fill your days with design inspiration. From hand-stenciled...
Dominic Wilcox on Playful Creativity
At last month’s Design Indaba 2015 conference in Cape Town, British artist Dominic Wilcox’s humorous, engaging talk drew the most laughter, as well as audible expressions of awe and wonder. After his time on stage, the crowd's enthusiasm didn't...
Rubell Collection
Housed in a 45,000-square-foot former Drug Enforcement Agency warehouse in the Wynwood Art District, the Rubell Collection is an impressive display of modern art by artists like Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cindy Sherman and more...
Nicole Naone at Waikiki Parc
An island of sun and sand, known for surfing and sea-scraping cliff vistas, Oahu now offers a platform to embrace the more recent flourish in its arts community. The University of Hawaii Arts Foundation is hosting a four-part art series to showcase...
Art Basel 2013: The Changing Worlds of Sculpture
Transportive and transformative, the following six sculptural pieces found at this year's Art Basel push the boundaries of the medium and its definition within art. Chaotic, thoughtful and sometimes even funny, each work manages to bring a new world...
Art Basel 2013: Paint, Zippers and Partnering
With the history of art stretching back to the earliest stages of humanity, it can be difficult to enter unexplored frontiers. The following artists presented work at this year's Art Basel that, whether by means of innovation or refreshing clarity...
Art Basel 2013: Light and Fire
Like moths to flame, light art—and its use within, and as a complement to, sculpture—attracted the attention of many visitors at this year's 44th edition of Art Basel. Lamp-like orbs and rods, shadow art and even live fire mesmerized spectators. The...
Art Basel Hong Kong: West
More than delivering the caché of the Art Basel name, the inaugural Hong Kong edition contextualized Asian art in the global community. Showcased aside it, an array of Western artists rounded out the festival with grandeur, color and abstraction...
Art Basel Hong Kong: East
After six years of galleries, artists and buyers surging upon Hong Kong's ART HK festival, Art Basel has taken the reigns to build upon Asia's creative boom, bring the local market global and take global audiences local. With 50% of the fair required...