Julbo Reissues Their Timeless Vermont Classic
French eyewear company Julbo began making protective glasses for the crystal-hunters of Chamonix back in 1888 and in 1950 released classic mountaineering glasses, The Vermont. The latter were worn by mountaineers and rockstars at the beginning...
The North Face Reboots Their High Performance Summit Series
In 2000, the R&D department of high performance outdoor brand The North Face launched their first ever Summit Series—pinnacle products engineered for extreme adventurers. Over time, the collection expanded and shifted; some might even say it became...
Keeping Outerwear Alive with Gear Aid
As jacket season tentatively draws to an end here in the Northern Hemisphere, we're taking stock of the wear and tear on this season's gear. Even the most durable materials take a few hits after an active season, but it's no reason to retire them...
1315 Vuarnet Glacier Sunglasses
In the early days of mountaineering, the gear was rudimentary and the risk was high but the reward was immortal glory. Be the first to summit a peak or venture up a new route and your name goes into the history books and into climbing lore for good...
Training for the New Alpinism
Clinging to a precious step of granite, ice axes in hand, with the next rest 12 meters up, the only regret you'll have as a climber is the training you passed up. Each centimeter gained vertically is a triumph as the lactic acid builds and pulses...