Music Production

Interview: Songwriter, Producer + Multi-Instrumentalist Dan Wilson
It's impossible to weave the accomplishments of Dan Wilson into a simple introduction. But his forthcoming album Re-Covered offers a nice snapshot of the sonic landscape. Wilson might not be a household name, but the works he's delivered as a singer...
Interview: Sin Fang
We've come to expect nothing short of wonderment from the Icelandic music that reaches global airwaves—expressive and exploratory, but with recognizable pop tinges. Sin Fang delivers all of the above and his 2013 album Flowers was one of the year...
Interview: Peanut Butter Wolf
In 1996, Chris Manak—aka Peanut Butter Wolf—self-released "My Wold Premier," a collaborative effort between him and his partner and close friend Charizma, who died three years previous in a carjacking. The release was deeply personal and marked the...
Ototo by Dentaku
We've all found ourselves banging out a rhythm with some produce or tapping the keys to an imaginary keyboard on a pile of books—right? Now music creativity has reached ingenious new heights with the Ototo, an all-in-one musical instrument invention...
Red Bull Music Academy: For the Record
Famed Austria-based energy drink company Red Bull may be best known for their involvement in alternative sports and prodigious adventure—from being a major sponsor in Travis Rice's acclaimed snowboard film "The Art of Flight" to Felix Baumgartner...