Musical Equipment

Mogees Play
Combining a series of apps and a smart vibration sensor, East London-based Mogees has managed to create a tech accessory that transforms any object into a musical instrument. By plugging the device into your smartphone and initiating one of the apps...
Sleeper Projects Drum Kit
Sleeper Projects' full-size nesting drum kit's beautifully understated design features minimal hardware and maple shells with a handsomely subtle finish. Filled with clothes and belongings, the kit weighs under 50 pounds—enough to avoid extra...
Little Horn Speakers
While antique in shape, the Little Horn speakers by Chicago-based Specimen Products deliver state-of-the-art sound. A clear nod to early 20th century phonographs, the design is more than aesthetically pleasing. The octagonal contour permits sound...
Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai Pedal
by Emily Kramer Not just a run-of-the-mill looper, the Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai isn't just a piece of beginner's gear—in addition to looping, it includes blend, decay, filter, reflect and delay controls. By clicking the bypass...
Audiowood Turntables
These custom turntables are the handiwork of Oakland, California-based woodworker Joe Scilley who previously was an interior renovator in the San Francisco Bay Area but has now turned his skills to audiocraft. On 14 March 2009, Scilley will debut...
Staton Uberstand Laptop Stand
Thanks in part to laptop stands like this two-tiered one by Staton, the days of lugging around crates of vinyl are slowly fading as DJs trade their decks in for laptop setups. Although we're the first to argue that nothing quite compares to a...
M-Audio MicroTrack II
by Emily Scarlet Kramer With professional quality and two-channels, M-Audio's Microtrack II mobile digital recorder has changed my life for the better. It's pocket-sized so I can take it anywhere and it's perfect for recording song structures...
Since the multi-use controller Monome first came out a few years back, it's slowly gained a cult following thanks to its attractive and flexible design. If you're unfamiliar with the device, the Monome is an ultra-tactile, interactive and...
Suzuki Omnichord
When Suzuki introduced the Omnichord in 1981 it had a profound effect on both music instruction and as a tool for professional musicians. An electronic musical instrument, it features a touch plate and chord buttons, making it almost too easy to play...
Novax 8-String Guitar
Not since the '40s has the basic design of the guitar undergone such a major change as it has with the Novax. The brainchild of master luthier Richard Novak, he designed his trademarked fanned-fret system for six, seven and eight string guitars...
When one of CH's designers tipped us to the Pacemaker, the world's first hand-held DJ system, (right after we also heard about it when in Europe recently), we knew it was worth checking out. Fortunately for us, we had the chance to experience...
Now Play It
Whenever I get a tune in my head that I can't get rid of, not only do I end up humming along for hours, but I get an uncontrollable urge to bash it out on my axe - sorry, play it on my guitar. Most other players will no doubt agree, which is...
League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots
LEMUR, League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots, is a Brooklyn-based group of artists and technologists who've been creating robotic musical instruments for the past several years. Founder Eric Singer, with the help of others, creates sculptural...
Dewanatron: Dual Primate Console
Dewanatrons to make music in real time, suitable for concert performance, live recording, or to be broadcast over the airwaves. The special purpose of Dewanatrons, which are modern solid-state analog instruments, is to grow music live in collaboration...
Stuff like the Skeletar makes me consider starting a So Bad It's Good category. Created by Peter McGilton, this hideously genius guitar epitomizes Death Rock. McGilton's shop, Exotic Guitars, has over a dozen similarly incredible hand crafted...
Pesky Humans
Pesky Humans makes paintings of sneakers and music machines. They're pretty simple and graphic in style.
Audiopad is a MIT Media Lab project by James Patten and Ben Recht. They used a relatively common Media Lab interface that combines video projection, physical icons, and motion tracking to create a super cool music mixer. Creating music using Audiopad...