Musical Instruments

Fender’s ModShop Offers a Custom Experience with Digital Ease
Musicians tend to develop special relationships with their instruments. Though some rockers famously trash their gear after shows, many cherish particular pieces of equipment for decades. Eric Clapton once wept after selling one of his prized six-strings...
CH Global Spin: Musical Instruments Museum, Brussels
by Karen Day Do you know what a serpent chandelier sounds like? Or, perhaps more importantly, did you know that a serpent chandelier is a tuba-esque wind instrument? It's surprising encounters like these that make exploring Brussels’ Musical Instruments...
Kaleidoloop Sound Collector
Designed by Owen Osborn and Chris Kucinski, Critter & Guitari's musical instruments encourage play and experimentation. Their portable Kaleidoloop, for example, records sounds and manipulates them by altering playback speed and direction—so you could...
Cool Hunting Video: Cantabile Piano Arts
In Yonkers, NY, an extensive collection of piano cases, keys, pedals, bridges and strings reside in the Cantabile Piano Arts warehouse. Each part is waiting in queue to be utilized by a passionate team who work to repair, refinish and reconstruct...
littleBits + KORG Synth Kit
New York-based littleBits has been making big waves in the design industry since their electronic modules-maker took over the MoMA Design Store. Instead of building talking puppets or electric toothbrushes, this time around the two-year-old startup...
Interview: Joao Teigas
by Emily Millett Whether he is tapping his feet in tune to the music or drumming his fingers along to an imaginary rift, Joao Teigas lives by an unstoppable musical beat, an organic rhythmic flow that seeps out of his soul and infiltrates every...