New Media

Interview: Video Artists Undervolt & Co
Now in its fifth year, new media festival VIA in Pittsburgh (where both video artists and musicians are the headliners) has grown to be a platform that showcases boundary-pushing art, technology and creative exploration, in an approachable setting...
The Public Profile of An American Girl
As of September 2013, Facebook reported that 350 million new photos were uploaded each day—and Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities dictates that under the public setting anyone can access and use that information. Raising questions...
15 Folds, a New Host for Original GIF Art
Of all the good things the internet has brought us—increased connectivity, the ability to look up anything anywhere, music streaming, weird animal videos and so on and so on forever—perhaps one of the most universally appreciated is GIFs. Starting...
Paddles ON!
Although its main focus has been on contemporary art and design in the last decade, Phillips has never held an auction dedicated to digital art—until now. The historic international auction house partnered with Tumblr (undoubtedly one of the most...
Dedicated to long-form, local human-interest journalism based around NYC, the web-based publication, marks a sign of changing times for the medium, where the rift between breaking content and meditated stories is causing outlets to...
Jeff Carvalho
Sponsored content: Jeff Carvalho has been at the forefront of new media since the Internet's golden age of staking out the digital frontier. Drawing on a DIY ethos rooted in indie zine culture, Carvalho has combined deft tech skills with a spot...