New Perspectives

George Kravis
Sponsored content: A consummate collector for more than a decade, George Kravis has cultivated one of the preeminent art collections of industrial design. "I've always been interested in anything with a cord, a plug, a battery or a light," states...
Philip Bither
Sponsored content: Curatorial savant and innovator Philip Bither exudes an infectious enthusiasm for the performing arts, fueling a passion that has spanned more than 25 years. Commissioning a range of artists from the emerging playwright Young...
Mark Allen
Sponsored content: Catering to "overambitious amateur enthusiasts," Machine Project conjures up an idiosyncratic fusion of classes and workshops that masterfully craft pedagogy out of the infinite realm of possibility. Hosting a range of workshops...
Sean Bonner
Sponsored content: Creator, activist and entrepreneur Sean Bonner assumes the cyberpunk intrigue of a character cast in a William Gibson novel one might say. As both a co-founder of L.A.'s hacker haven, Crashspace and regular contributor for BoingBoing...
Hisham Bharoocha
Sponsored content: Brooklyn-based visual artist and musician Hisham Bharoocha blurs the boundaries of artistic medium, creating multi-sensory anthems that deftly move between a daydream quality of images and sound. The skateboarding scenes in...
Kamran Sadeghi
Sponsored content: Navigating the strata of sound, composer and visual artist Kamran Sadeghi maneuvers a digital diving bell that harmoniously discovers new territories forged between art and music. Culling sounds from eclectic sources such as found...