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The Hill-Side's First Brick-and-Mortar Store
Brooklyn-based brand The Hill-Side is capping off a stellar year in 2015 with the opening of its very first brick-and-mortar store. The new space is the latest evolution of the Japan-inspired label, which first caught our eye with their animated GIF...
Artists boijeot.renauld Camp Out on Broadway for a Month
By Natasha Tauber Artists Laurent Boijeot and Sebastien Renauld, together boijeot.renauld, work in "actions," and their latest is a one month migration through the length of Manhattan, via Broadway. Having started in Harlem and unhurriedly making...
Word of Mouth: Buffalo, New York
One of the great joys of the vastness of the United States (and even New York state itself) is the vibrant local pockets of distinct culture. During the summer months, many New Yorkers' minds trail to the Hamptons or the Hudson Valley—well-branded...
Confetti Necklace
Based in Brooklyn, New York and run by two RISD alums, Peppercotton makes costume jewelry that flaunts wild personality in the most sophisticated manner—Swarovski crystals have never been so fun. The brand's handmade Confetti Necklace is a cause for...
Cole Haan + Todd Snyder Capsule Collection
Of all the attributes that define and unify both Cole Haan and Todd Snyder, craftsmanship stands paramount. The former draws its origins from makers who wanted to produce great goods. The latter represents an American's desire to achieve Savile Row...
The Splendid Spoon at Fashion Week
While the presentations last week at Lincoln Center stimulated many senses, they didn't tackle taste buds. However, Brooklyn's The Splendid Spoon did—by way of an on-demand courier service delivering soups straight to attendees who ordered via tweet...
Chakrubs Crystal Sex Toys
As an alternative to the vast array of technologically advanced sex toys, New York-based Chakrubs offers quite the opposite: simple, chic crystal sex toys. The stones have been carefully sourced from around the world, then shaped and polished without...
Arts Recommendations from The Mirror Cube
Perhaps no one knows the music, film and art scenes better than those within them. Communities form and flourish, and engage other active creators. Highly collaborative art leads to highly connected scenes with an escalated awareness of what's working...
Studio Visit: Sculptor Matt Kinney
by Janine M. Stankus In the sun-splayed parlor of his partially renovated 1850s home, Matt Kinney’s artwork mingles with tools of his craft. Paint buckets, sliced and with wood medallions at their mouths, lean beneath a bench strewn with chisels...
Rubberized Leather Jackets by The Arrivals
New York-based outerwear brand The Arrivals is heating things up this winter with the release of their second capsule collection. A continuation of their debut, which launched in October, the four-piece capsule features the brand’s take on a timeless...
Outlaw Patriot Throw
Cozy up with a bit of good ol' American patriotism. Woven in New York State on an antique loom, this red, white and blue throw is sure to warm even the biggest cold-weather haters. Crafted from 100% domestically sourced wool, the 48'' x 72'' throw...
From the Ashes: Hudson Double Charred Whiskey
by Emily Arden Wells On September 24, 2012 Tuthilltown Distillery in Gardiner, New York suffered a fire caused by leaking vapors off of one of the stills that ignited and exploded in the stillroom. The distillery was extremely fortunate: nobody...
High Line: A Field Guide and Handbook
This limited run book by conceptual artist Mark Dion is the unofficial guide to NYC’s popular elevated park on the West Side. Let your imagination run wild as Dion blends fact and fiction about the High Line’s history, complete with observations, rumors...
Marcy & Myrtle by Harbor Projects
by Chérmelle Edwards At the intersection of Marcy and Myrtle avenues in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn stands a new cottage-like coffee shop of the same name, Marcy & Myrtle, by interior architecture and design build firm Harbor Projects, and one...
Steezys Charms for Headphone Cords
Cartoonish and made to capture the playfully-minded tween inside each of us, Steezys headphone cord charms are just that—and while they aren't exactly life essentials, they are damn cute. Whether you wear them in bunches or simply as a single statement...
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