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Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. A Pride Flag Incorporating LGBTQ+ People of Color First unfurled at a Pride Month launch celebration in Philadelphia, a new rainbow flag aims to recognize the POC members of the LGBTQ+ community. Part of the "More Color More Pride" campaign...
Design Ingenuity from New Zealand: Alchemy Equipment
The concept of alchemy likely conjures images of robe-wearing bearded outcasts toiling away in a cluttered workshop over illuminati-esque texts as they attempt (fruitlessly) to transfigure the everyday into the extraordinary. Building on the alchemic...
Sans [Ceuticals], Potent Natural Skincare from NZ
When shopping around for new skincare products, the choices can be overwhelming. Day, night, SPF, oil-free, wrinkle-free, exfoliating—such words clutter up the vanity table, and are often more confusing than clarifying. Bringing things back to basics...
UPPERCUP + Coffee Supreme Reusable To-Go Cup
by Chérmelle Edwards Consuming takeaway coffee is a daily ritual for many. Though the experience of sipping such high quality coffee out of a paper cup leaves much to be desired. With this in mind, a group of Australian design (and coffee) enthusiasts...
Lonely Lingerie
Founded in 2009, New Zealand label Lonely perfectly treads the line between sexy, romantic, modern and classic. While their entire collection is covetable, with cut-outs, velvet straps, lace and an impeccable eye for detail, the Sabel bra in black...
Lonely Swim
One of CH's favorite lingerie brands, New Zealand's Lonely, has just released its first swimwear line—and while it's in line with the modern, ladylike (and still super-hot) underwear, the swimsuits are decidedly sporty and sleek. Including bondage...
Becca Punch of The Musket Room, NYC
Just a few blocks from the perpetually busy corner of Houston and Lafayette in NYC's SoHo neighborhood lies a tranquil outpost for New Zealand cuisine that channels the calm reserve of the island nation. Just four months after opening in October...
Interview: Welfe Bowyer
It's the little details that matters when it comes to good design, and this Kiwi designer is all about the details. We caught up with Welfe Bowyer, a New Zealand native making a name for himself with his now Melbourne-based bespoke jewelry line...
Triumph & Disaster
During his 18 years on the New Zealand national cricket team, Dion Nash learned the importance of putting in work during the day and cleaning up for post-match public appearances. After he retired from the sport he went on to work in the spirits...
Interview: Jason Woodside
by Frank Galland Billing itself as an "undercover espresso bar," Happy Bones Coffee & Publications was recently opened in Manhattan's NoHo neighborhood by Kiwi clothier Luke Harwood of Stolen Girlfriends Club and contemporary artist and Florida...
Done with Electricity
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Media Design School
Advertorial content: Given that technological advancements in digital art are progressing by leaps and bounds, it's almost impossible to produce an excellent portfolio by just playing around on your laptop after work. If you've decided to bite the...
Done With Electricity and John Entwistle
In an effort to cast light on the often unrecognized talents of tattooists in Australia and New Zealand, a small group of Melbourne artists recently banded together to publish two hardcover art books celebrating and highlighting some of area's best...
Night Lights
An interactive installation, "Night Lights" counts on bodies, hands and mobile phones to bring a massively colorful game of charades to life. Staged at Auckland's Ferry Building, the project is the upshot of a joint effort between four creative agencies...
Bemodern: Interview with Paul Darragh
He may well have worked for some huge commercial names, but for New Zealand-born, New Yorker Bemodern (aka Paul Darragh) success results from freely creating art for yourself. Graphic designer by day and artist by night this 20-something is making...
Karen Walker Eyewear 2009
Sucking the seriousness from fashion, Karen Walker's 2009 eyewear, dubbed "celebrate the sun," is a playful collection of both thoroughly modern and vintage-inspired specs. The New Zealand-based designer's unpretentious attitude...
F3 Design: Guywire Jewelry Collection
F3 Design's Guywire collection proves that most any material can be manipulated in the service of creative expression. Combining industrial stainless steel wire of varying thicknesses and copper sleeves, the design studio makes unisex jewelry...
Angela Singer
Those not acquainted with New Zealand-based artist and animal rights activist Angela Singer will soon, after a few glances, see what they've been missing. While a strident activist against all forms of animal cruelty—including vivisection...
"We started the band because we were 20, we wanted hot boyfriends/girlfriends, we weren't doing anything and we wanted people to think we were cool," starts New Zealand native and Batrider front woman, Sarah Chadwick, "And also...
Sofia Minson
As her bio suggests, New Zealand artist Sofia Minson's "massive, emotionally charged oil paintings of faces, bodies and landscapes are inspired by her Maori ancestry and her respect for the land and mythology of Aotearoa (New Zealand...
Dennis Juan Ma
Dennis Juan Ma was born in China but moved to Auckland, New Zealand eight years ago where he studied graphic design. Now he works as a freelance illustrator. "I like to collect interesting bits and pieces from daily life and put them into my...
"They won’t go up your bum!" claims the New Zealand comfy-yet-cute underwear company Thunderpants. Started in 1995 by a couple of girls who were—in their own words—"frustrated...
Catherine David Designs
Auckland-based designer Catherine David's shower curtains are just one item that are making a splash in the world of designer houseware. A winner of New Zealand's Home and Entertaining Design awards in 2005, these high-quality soap and mold...
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