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Hex Cross Body for Apple Newton
In 1993 Apple changed the way we interact with technology on the go with the introduction of the original tablet device, the Newton. The personal digital assistant put the power of the era's most impressive technologies—writing notes, drawing...
First Look at the Treo 680
Earlier today at Digitallife Palm announced the much anticipated Treo 680. We got our hands on one and are happy to report it's a great improvement over the 650. The device is smaller in all dimensions. The screen is brighter and more crisp...
Motorola MPx
Some new pictures of the Motorola MPx surfaced today. I really like the idea of this device -form defining function. Open it vertically, it's a phone, open it horizontally and it's a PDA. I just wish it didn't use the Pocket PC OS which...
E2800 from E28
Shanghi based start-up, E28, has started selling a new Linux based PDA/Phone hybrid in the Chinese market. While the power and flexibility exceed that of the Motorola A760 and A768 , the device design looks incredibly similar. Might this have something...
The Wallet
For a long time now, I (we) have seen a day in the future when I have one device that organizes my information, enables my communication, and holds all the stuff currently in my wallet. Convergence of cell phones and PDAs is here (though still a...