Hayley Elsaesser SS16: Carnival of Curiosity
Canadian designer Hayley Elsaesser knows how to have fun. In past seasons of her eponymous label (there are only a few, as she just graduated in 2012) you can spot Magic 8 Balls wearing cowboy hats, sunglasses "oozing" slime, unisex neon camo overalls...
"Feeling Salty" Patch
For Mondays and any other times when it's critical to warn people of your attitude before they mess with you, Rosehound Apparel's "Feeling Salty" patch is nasty but nice. The 100% cotton patch measures 2.75 inches, is iron-on and is available in a...
Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Pins and Patches
While during the '70s and '80s it wasn't strange to see somebody repping their favorite band on their lapel or sporting bright yellow smiley faces patches on their knees, the fad dwindled. But over the past few years enamel pins and embroidered patches...
"Homesick" Patch
Equal parts sweet and heartbreaking—just like the movie—this ET patch from La Barbuda will show your age (the film was released in 1982) and your emotional state. With an iron-on adhesive backing, the 9cm patch boats merrowed edges to prevent fraying...
NYC Galaxy Patch
Making reference to NASA iconography while keeping it all about New York City—the center of the universe for many—Micah Spear's NYC Galaxy Patch offers the best of both worlds. It's charming for residents and non-residents alike and easy to iron onto...
Over It Patch
Whether it's a cheerful statement letting people know you made it over the rainbow or a colorful way to tell them you're done, These Are Things' "Over It" patch is a delight. With an iron-on adhesive backing, it's easy to attach to your favorite denim...
Jeff Goldblum Appreciation Society Patch
Designed in Winnipeg, this "Jeff Goldblum Appreciation Society" patch is self-explanatory and essential for any Jurassic Park, Independence Day, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Igby Goes Down or almost any enjoyable movie from the past 40-odd years. It's...
Tati Compton Pin Pack
This set of supernatural pins comes from the mind of London-based tattoo artist and illustrator Tati Compton in collaboration with Prize Pins. Depicting snakes, skulls, scorpions and little witchcraft, each pin is over one-inch in size to showcase...
"Nope" Heart Patch
Made by These Are Things, this red embroidered iron-on love-heart "Nope" patch is made for Mondays and introverts. Measuring two inches by two inches, it's a sweet and salty way to wear your heart on your sleeve.
Why Even Try Patch
Wallow in your apathy and self-pity with Mean Folk's adorably depressing "Why Even Try" patch. The hand-shaped embroidered patch can be sewn or ironed onto your favorite denim jacket or tote bag. If you can be bothered, that is.
Bad Bitch Club Patch
Brooklyn-based artist Penelope Gazin has the perfect patch to support your local girl gang—or indeed rep your very own. The playful, chenille patch might be a sweet colorway of baby blue and pink, but it bears fair warning that you walk with back-up...
"The End" Patch
Toronto-based Inner Decay has a knack for making eye-catching pins and patches that stir-up all kinds of feelings. Their straightforward “The End” patch marks a conclusion—whether it's a story's happily-ever-after ending, the last statement in an argument...
Leather Stickers
British designer Anya Hindmarch loves to inject humor and personality into her luxury accessories, from punching perforated smiley faces into beautiful leather and snakeskin bags to finding inspiration in Kit Kats and road signs; they're coy rather...
My One True Love Patch
Whether your one true love is your dog, wine, a book or yourself, Tuesday Bassan will have it embroidered on a love heart for you. Inspired by 1940s sweetheart souvenir patches, Bassan enlists the help of Ben Goetting for the hand-stitching on these...
Don't Worry Baby Back Patch
Toronto-based Stuntin's original patches and pins are weird, sassy and plain fun. Their huge Don’t Worry Baby back patch dresses up a plain old denim jacket with Death—looking very chill in sunglasses—and the reassuring message (and Beach Boys lyrics...
One-of-a-Kind Denim Patchwork Jacket
Denim jackets become one-of-a-kind, wearable political and social commentary through designer McKenzie Rose's touch. Using the jackets as a base, Rose pieces together patches, cut-up T-shirts and other garments, buttons and pins—all from vintage and...
Queer Scout Patch
Originally made for a queer scout-themed dance party held in Pittsburgh, this excellent patch can now be bought and worn with pride by anybody with a few dollars and an internet connection. It's pink, purple, sparkly and full of positive vibes.
Macon & Lesquoy
by Dora Haller For the release of Wes Anderson’s latest film, "The Grand Budapest Hotel," Parisian design duo Marie Macon and Anne-Laure Lesquoy—who work under the label Macon & Lesquoy—created a pair of special embroideries: a set of keys belonging...
Desire Books Iron-On Patches
If you're out to customize any of the new clothes, jackets or backpacks you may have received over the holidays, or embellish your older apparel, Desire Books' new line of embroidered patches offers clever, charming accent pieces. Each patch in the...