Performance Art

Ca La Maria Hotel and Gallery
At Barcelona's Ca La Maria bed and breakfast, architect Maria Inglada has repurposed her parents' 1920s-era flat into lodging that serves as a revolving exhibition space for her family's noted collection of contemporary art. Located in the fashionable...
Le Comptoir General, Paris
by Meghan Sebold For any travel enthusiast, the best venue to visit is often one that requires processing time to absorb the scene—a place that makes you wonder, "What on earth is going on here?" Le Comptoir General (LCG) in Paris’s 10th arrondissement...
Leave Earth Behind: "The Universe is a Small Hat"
It's not extraordinarily uncommon to dream of packing your belongings, jumping on a spaceship and leaving Earth far, far behind. Motives may differ, from a hope to escape a planet polluted by unpleasantries, to an insatiable desire for adventure...
ASSEMBLE XII: A Sonic Experiment at the Ace Hotel
It's CMJ week in NYC, meaning the streets are flooded with thousands of artists vying for attention. In a festival that offers more music than anyone can possibly endure, avant-garde performance experiment ASSEMBLE puts on a sonic experience like...
Art Basel 2014: 14 Rooms
One of the highlights of Art Basel 2014 is an exhibition neatly tucked behind the main halls in a smaller gallery. "14 Rooms" is curated by current art-world darling Hans-Ulrich Obrist of London's Serpentine Gallery and Klaus Biesenbach of MoMA...
Interactive Art and Embodiment: The Implicit Body as Performance
In an extensive anthology showcasing his own work and that of several of his contemporaries, artist Nathaniel Stern explores the role of the body in interactive art with both beauty and clarity. Appropriately, the book includes a "digital companion...
Cool Hunting Video: Flex
Not long ago, we were honored to meet some of Brooklyn, NY's premiere competitive dancers and experts in the Flex style. We spent a few hours with the crew—learning about the style and watching some fantastic moves—and their remarkable talents were...
Dances of Vice
Whether performing at the annual invocation of Edward Gorey on Halloween, creating a '60s spy film (complete with a femme fatale) or working with the Japan Society to evoke the otherworldly quality of primal futurism by light sculptor Mariko Mori...
BOFFO Fire Island Art Camp
By claiming public spaces for artistic enrichment, New York City's non-profit arts organization BOFFO continues to create ambitious participatory art projects. Their mission encourages engagement with works stemming from collaborations between communities...
Liberace Extravaganza!
Growing up wearing hand-me-downs during the Great Depression, Liberace's rise to stardom can in some ways be measured by his outfits. From the purchase of his first set of tails to electric costumes adorned in 4,000 light bulbs, Liberace stood alone...
The Tate Modern: Live Art
Two years ago Maria Abramović wowed an array of visitors at NYC's Museum of Modern Art with her emotionally engaging, 736-hour staring contest, "The Artist Is Present." This powerful display of human connectivity caused a major shift in the...
Memory II: Hunger
Two years after Memory I, famed documentarian Wu Wenguang and choreographer Wen Hui are back with a new performance that challenges the boundaries of art to reconnect people to a disappearing past. In the summer of 2009, the pair began work on...
Whitney Biennial 2012
Now in its 76th year, the bi-annual compendium has gathered a new group of 51 contemporary artists to take over the museum through 27 May. While the focus on performance has become a central one in 2012, we found a group of four artists across different...
3020 Laguna Street in Exitum
The recently opened Highlight Gallery has added a new project space in San Francisco's Cow Hollow District, turning a 19th-century home into a venue for sight-specific installations. 3020 Laguna Street in Exitum features a variety of works by...
Open Score
Think branded interdisciplinary content is a recent phenomenon? In 1966 a unique project was hatched when conceptual artists and Bell Labs engineers collaborated on a series of live installations inside a National Guard Armory in New York City...
Why Patterns
On a black stage a singular ping-pong ball triggers four dancers, followed by thousands more balls dropping, rolling and flooding the scene in controlled chaos. This is "Why Patterns." Making its U.S. debut next week, the performance piece is a collaboration...
Ugly-Kid Gumo
As rebels against not just art world norms but against conventions for public space, many see graffiti as by definition disagreeable. Artists like Ugly-Kid Gumo embrace that position, providing commentary through art that originated on the street...
L Train Luncheon
In a theatrical culinary feat, passengers aboard NYC's L train were recently treated to a six-course lunch as they rolled across Manhattan, under the East River and into Williamsburg, each stop adding to the food frenzy. Cooked up by the crafty chefs...
Fresh off Perrier-Jouët's Bi-Centenaire Project (more on that later), Daniel Arsham has a new installation and performance piece debuting this week in NYC. "Dig", in collaboration with Arsham's firm Snarkitecture, comprises of completely filling...
Prince George Art Show
Armed with an "if you build it they will come" attitude, psychologist Ilana Simons curated the upcoming group show at the Prince George Gallery with the vision of creating an "instant art collective." In a similar vein to a pop-up shop, the exhibit...
Line Up: Rigging Knots and Glimpses of a Master Class
Philippe Petit, the daring performance artist who captured the world's attention when he rigged a tight rope between the World Trade Center's twin towers, is the focus of Clic Gallery's current exhibition "Line Up: Rigging Knots and Glimpses of...
John Maeda Is The Fortune-Cookie
Today John Maeda, digital design guru and President of RISD, drew my destiny in the sand at the Riflemaker Gallery in London's Soho area. Playing my part in Maeda's four day consultancy performance piece "John Maeda is the Fortune Cookie" was a...
Stockholm Burlesque Festival
With winter clipping at the heels of the Northern Hemisphere, what better way to celebrate being indoors than by seductively disrobing? Opening 27 October 2010, the first-annual Stockholm Burlesque Festival invites striptease fans and performers...
Adventures in New Puppetry
From Jason Segel's to the Internet sensation-turned-IFC show Food Party, puppetry endures as a medium that brings the absurd and fantastical to life. To celebrate the ancient art form, the Twin Cities' Walker Art Center kickd off the performing...