Mendr Fixes Your Photos
At CH HQ, various staff members ask me to help with photo shoots, composition and—most of all—editing. While I'm always happy to lend a hand, there are times I'm not around, and of course, many people don't work alongside a Lightroom or Photoshop...
From Pencil to Photoshop to Dropbox: 2015 Design Tools Survey
Earlier this summer, web design veteran Khoi Vinh—former Design Director at The New York Times Online and now Principal Designer at Adobe—sent out a questionnaire to the public to learn what tools designers are using and favoring today. With participation...
Adobe Releases Highly Anticipated Project Mighty
We've been fans of Adobe's Project Mighty since first previewing the stylus and software solution back in September of last year. So today—the official launch day—we're pleased to present a video we originally produced for the 99U conference in...
Photographer Jill Greenberg presents a mystifying new collection in "Horses," a photography book that showcases equine majesty. Greenberg will be familiar to regular CH readers for her other series, which range from crying babies to bears and monkeys...
Studio Visit: Eskayel
Using little more than Muji gel ink pens Shanan Campanaro creates highly detailed drawings then degrades them with a dash of water to reveal unexpected patterns for her line of wallpaper, pillows and scarves, Eskayel. Her simple set of tools provides...
Viktor Koen takes pictures of renaissance rapiers in museum corridors. He hordes images of salmon steaks, microscopes, beheaded dolls and nautilus shells. From the thousands of archived shots, the Greek typographical artist composes unique alphabets...