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Mossless was founded in 2009 by Romke Hoogwaerts as a digital platform for interviewing a different photographer every two days. It made the transition into the physical world in the form of artist-made publications, and their fourth issue—a thematic...
Interview: Photographer Steve Schapiro
Martin Luther King Jr and the Selma march, Marlon Brando on set in "The Godfather" (and more than 200 films and 100 movie posters), Robert F Kennedy on the presidential campaign trail, Frank Sinatra, Muhammad Ali, Andy Warhol, Nico, Barbra Streisand...
Techies Project by Photographer Helena Price
The two words "Silicon Valley" immediately stir up stereotypes, stigma and maybe an HBO show. The name has become a cultural reflex, and that's what photographer Helena Price wants to change with her ambitious, large-scale portrait and interview series...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Hello! Selfie Miami Like a real-life Tumblr page, artist, author and feminist Kate Durbin created "Hello!Selfie Miami," a performance piece that occurred last week during Miami Art Week. The response to a man's attack on Durbin's piece about...
Alma Haser’s “Cosmic Surgery” Pop-Up Book
German born, UK-based artist Alma Haser’s popular, mind-bending project “Cosmic Surgery” consists of portraits that have been enhanced—and made considerably stranger—by the addition of origami shapes. Haser initially made the origami masks to use...
Tips from Ozzie Sweet's 1958 book 'My Camera Pays Off'
Recently a friend of ours discovered, while cleaning out her mother's storage unit, this 1958 book from prolific professional photographer Ozzie Sweet: "My Camera Pays Off." It must have been quite useful to its former owner (her mother was an editor...
Portraits of Canyon Life, LA
Few places have been portrayed in films and novels in as many different ways as Los Angeles. The city can be everything from a glamorous Hollywood dream to a hippie playground to a seedy, hardboiled noir. One place where Angelenos meet is Runyon Canyon...
Hyla Frank’s Pet Sketch Pillows
Back in February, LA-based textile artist Hyla Frank was trying to help a friend feel better about moving to a new apartment without her dogs. So she pulled out some of her favorite Belgian linen and got to work: hand- and machine-stitching the...
Halsband Portraits
The publication of "Halsband Portraits," Michael Halsband's first book dedicated exclusively to portraiture, debuts alongside a tightly edited selection of his work, on view at New York's National Arts Club. For the photographer—who toured with the...
Interview: Photographer Pieter Hugo
When Nelson Mandela formally stepped into office as South Africa's first democratically elected president in 1994, it marked a new era of hope and reconciliation for the vibrant if not fractured nation. While the transition of power from apartheid...
Photographer Jessica Yatrofsky's "I Heart Girl"
For a portrait photographer, mastering the finer points of three-point lighting is as important as bringing out the best in your subjects. Brooklyn-based multimedia artist and photographer Jessica Yatrofsky has clearly excelled in both; constructing...
Custom Geometric Portrait
Commission a custom geometric portrait from Los Angeles-based designer and illustrator Allison Kunath, who started making freehand geometric portraits of famous icons a few years ago, abstracting the faces of Maya Angelou and Frida Kahlo among others...
Tintype Photo Session
Artist Michael Shindler revived the 19th century tintype photography process in his San Francisco studio, creating beautiful portraits with an old-fashioned and almost haunting feel. The handcrafted method is a painstaking process Shindler recreates...
Geometric Portraits by Allison Kunath
by Chérmelle D. Edwards Allison Kunath, a Los Angeles-based visual artist and fashion designer, has developed a distinct style over the past few years, creating geometric portraits of people—such as famed figures like Maya Angelou and Frida Kahlo...
Unseen Photo Fair 2014: Obscuring The Human Form
Now in its third year, Amsterdam's Unseen Photo Fair is a veritable artistic force. Housed in a former gasworks, the impressive selection shows that while the world may be drowning in images, when expertly curated, it's still an enlightening medium...
Kehinde Wiley Paints "The World Stage: Haiti"
Kehinde Wiley searches the world to find models to paint. His travels have taken him to Israel, Lagos and Dakar, China, and Jamaica. More recently, he's traveled to six countries in Africa, where, in each destination, he stopped people on the streets...
François Meyer's Portraits D'Artistes
When admiring art, many of us dream of the lives behind the pieces: glamorous, tortured, a life of creation. Even before this current age of voyeurism, not only did artists' work draw the public eye, so did their lives. At the crossroads of this...
Michael Jang's Vintage Family Photos
While SF-based photographer Michael Jang has taken famous black-and-white shots of Jimi Hendrix, Ronald Reagan and David Bowie, he's become well-known for doing what people do everyday all over the world: taking photos of their family. Jang began...
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