Powerhouse Books

"Bros & Brosephines"
Exiled Russian photographer and artist Slava Mogutin explores traditional notions of masculinity and beauty in his new hardcover "Bros & Brosephines." Even more than that, Mogutin's images confront gender, sexuality, fetishes, youth, and style. From...
No Sleep: NYC Nightlife Flyers 1988-1999
Step into a time capsule of NYC's nightlife scene in the '80s to '90s—when DJs and promoters would print flyers (often made by people with no design experience) by the thousands and hope their events would spread by word of mouth. Though the internet...
Tom Blachford's "Midnight Modern" From PowerHouse Books
Since our introduction to a new body of work from Melbourne-base photographer Tom Blachford in 2015, we've been graced with new announcements in his acclaimed "Midnight Modern" series every year. Taken by the beauty of Palm Springs, CA and propelled...
Photographer Jessica Yatrofsky's "I Heart Girl"
For a portrait photographer, mastering the finer points of three-point lighting is as important as bringing out the best in your subjects. Brooklyn-based multimedia artist and photographer Jessica Yatrofsky has clearly excelled in both; constructing...
Ormond Gigli's "Girls in the Windows: And Other Stories"
In 1960, photojournalist Ormond Gigli assembled 43 women, dressed them in refined, colorful garb and situated them in 41 windows across the facade of a building. Over 50 years later, the image born of that shoot stands as a triumph within art photography...