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Rick Powell Pens
by Paul Armstrong Rick Powell can’t seem to stop dropping, crushing or misplacing writing instruments as he designs bespoke furniture pieces in his London living room. Instead of simply accepting his fate, Powell took it upon himself to design...
Core77 Design Awards Winners 2016
A resource for industrial design (and beyond) for years now, online publication Core77's collective eye for functional and aesthetic advancement has made them experts in innovation. With the announcement of their Core77 Design Awards winners, they...
A Beautiful Speedometer for Bikes
Shout-out to designers who are also obsessed with cycling because their work frequently results in something new and clever, like the arresting Omata One. Mounted onto a bike, the speedometer's unique analog face informs of the four most relevant...
Best of CH 2015: Instagram
Four and a half years ago we joined Instagram and have posted over 2,500 images since. More than 99% of the photographs we share, we ourselves have taken, and that's something we're quite proud of. In essence, Cool Hunting on Instagram has become a...
Fundamental Berlin's Not-So-Ordinary Frames
"The inspiration was fishnet tights!" Steve Molloy, co-founder of The Fundamental Group, tells CH about the brand's unique grid frames. "It was about how sometimes a thing becomes more interesting when it has been slightly obscured. Sort of like...
Drones, Robots and an Electrified Couch: Launching Absolut Electrik
From a cultural standpoint, Absolut vodka frequently calls to mind two associations: nightlife and a history of art partnerships. To celebrate the launch of their latest limited edition bottle design (in both electric blue and silver), Absolut Electrik...
Call for Entries: American Design Club + Roll & Hill
Celebrating independent design and the entrepreneurial spirit, Brooklyn-based lighting design and manufacturing firm Roll & Hill is teaming up with the American Design Club for a new crowd-sourced show entitled "Curse the Darkness." The organizers...
Interview: David Chipperfield
Sir David Chipperfield is decidedly one of the most globally recognized personalities in architecture and design. His award-winning work has been recognized many times over for its simplicity and clarity of vision, and recently, he was appointed...
Reproducing Scholten & Baijings Book
In 2000, Dutch designers Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings set out to design functional products, exclusively collaborate with the world's best brands and professionals and to find a balance between industrially produced series and experimental...
The Good Life
Revered British product designer Jasper Morrison has an extraordinary ability to turn the common household object into a thing of simple beauty. His book of personal photographs is a peek into how this magic occurs; he certainly doesn't see the world...
Sempli + Joseph Ribic Bottle Openers
Best known for its stemless, virtually floating Cupa glass series, LA-based design house Sempli has devoted itself to creating products that combine simplistic functionality with what Sempli founder Daniele Semeraro calls an "Italian style and elegance...
Studio Visit: AVO, Brooklyn
In the living room of a brownstone apartment on a tree-lined block in Brooklyn, designer Brit Kleinman uses non-toxic dyes to stain leather for a collection of striking rugs, which combine modern pattern-making with ancient materials and techniques...
Formwork Desk Tools
From Industrial Facility's brilliant Sam Hecht and Kim Colin is a range of desk accessories designed for Herman Miller. Formwork is a modular system of containers that accounts for modern tools and frequency of use; the pencil cup has a ledge for a...
Material Innovation: Product Design
A driving force behind innovation in all areas of design and technology is the development of new materials. Sometimes overlooked, this core tenet is given the spotlight in the upcoming Thames & Hudson release, "Material Innovation: Product Design...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. The Unknown Vivian Maier In 2007, a 26-year-old amateur historian named John Maloof paid $380 for a box of negatives and undeveloped film at an auction. Therein, he would discover the intimate, beautiful images of photographer Vivian Maier, a...
Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop
From gluten-free sorbet bars to ice cream for dogs, we're always on the look out for new ideas within the realm of frozen treats. The latest to pique our interest is the Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop. The brainchild of Dr. Karl Ulrich (Vice Dean of...
Studio Visit: The Principals
What does a studio—one that turns out a broad range of projects that require attention to the most finite details as well as broad strokes and big picture ideas—need? Balance. And after what The Principals founders Drew Seskunas, Charles Constantine...
Gauzak Design
Few creative teams are aware of the impact of design as Gauzak, the trio working on the basis that design is undeniably present in every object and every moment around them. Gauzak Design was born in January 2011 when three Spanish designers from...
A creative resource for adults and kids alike, Disruptus is "designed to open every mind," and from what we can tell, it works as advertised. Using product flashcards as a starting point, and a die for direction, the game instructs players to either...
70% Table by Anna Þórunn
Whether it's a cookie factory turned into a hostel or, in this case, furniture inspired by candy, Icelandic design is often conscious of the country's collective sweet tooth. Driven by childhood memories of Reykjavik's old chocolate factory—...
Seeing Lausanne University of Art and Design (ECAL) students top international design competitions is nothing new. Most recently, the prestigious D3 Contest, part of the international furniture fair IMM Cologne, has awarded its first prize distinction...
Eagle Wolf Orca
After finishing a study-abroad program together in Milan, designer friends Emmet Rock, Fritz Riha and Marc Reisen found themselves missing the invaluable creative feedback loop that comes from working collaboratively rather than individually. With...
Interview: Jiminie Ha and Item Idem
by Laila Gohar "White Zinfandel is not a magazine about food, it's a magazine inspired by food" says Cyril Duval, a conceptual artist better known as Item Idem. The artist is collaborating with Chef Leif Hedendal for the release of White Zinfandel...
Low-Tech Factory
For its 14th edition earlier this month, Designers' Saturdays in Langenthal, Switzerland invited ECAL undergraduate and Masters students in industrial and product design to let their imagination run free while developing a series of machines exploring...
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