Seek Food's Tasty Cricket Baking Flours + Recipes
It seems as though the team at Seek Food has touched upon every relevant angle possible to bring curious consumers over to cricket powder—and it's working. When the health food organization launched with a series of ridiculously tasty granolas...
Amino acid-rich, live and sprouted watermelon seeds compose Dope Naturally's MelonAid textured protein powder. The seeds are included whole to maximize their nutritional benefit so the powder should be blended in a smoothie if you're not keen to crunch...
Harmony Valley Vegetarian Mixes
Geared toward everyone from full-on vegans to the emerging market of flexitarians—carnivores that have cut down on meat for health and sustainability reasons—Harmony Valley makes a truly tasty hamburger or sausage replacement a snap...
Perky Jerky
Full of flavor and packed with a powerful caffeine punch, Perky Jerky caters to beef-lovers who want more than just protein to enhance performance. We had the chance to put it to the test last month when the brand co-sponsored Thrillist and JetBlue...
Elev8 Me Protein and Fruit Bars
If you're anything like me, you've searched long and hard for a protein and energy bar that wasn't filled with loads of chemicals and artificial ingredients. After reading about and trying a couple of flavors of Elev8 Me bars, I started...
Protein DPM Series 1
We're big fans of everything Protein is doing-- and the new Protein DPM Series 1 canvas series is totally hot. They're a range of eight Disruptive Pattern Materials designed by William Rowe-- only the first few styles have been released, and...
DPM Chromo Calendar
Remember the get yours now (£90).
2005 Protein Calendar
It's actually not too soon to be thinking about your 2005 calendar. Protein, the collective responsible for super creative media distribution, has released 500 wall calendars based on Lunar Chromo. What's that? It has something to do with how...