Lexus Unveils a Working Hoverboard
Unlike the internet-trolling hoverboard announcements of the past, luxury car company Lexus has created the real floating deal to finally make our dreams come true. As part of their "Amazing in Motion" campaign—which aims to demonstrate the brand...
Prototype Chair
Marc Newson's Prototype Chair, which he designed in 1983 for his graduation show at Sydney College of the Arts, stands as one of the most iconic examples of outstanding student work. The steel rods and anodized sheet aluminum, welded and soldered by...
Fifty Bicycles That Changed the World
Short of material innovation and aesthetic refinement, the bicycle as we know it has changed very little since its early days of development in the late 19th century. However slight, the evolution of the world's most widely used mode of transportation...
Commemoration, a range of poetic capsules designed by recent Kingston University grad Greg Smith, preserves nostalgia in a tangible realm. Smith's elegantly crafted airtight vessels "preserve traces of personal scents to trigger memories" after...
Heineken Open Design Explorations: The Club
"We wanted to show design in action, not on a pedestal," said Heineken's Global Head of Design Mark van Iterson as he walked us through "The Club", the first project of their Open Design Explorations, a pop up nightclub in the Tortona district during...
Triumph Speed Twin Concept
For their final year project while studying transport design at Northumbria University in Newcastle, budding English designers Roy Norton and Tom Kasher wanted to create a bike that would borrow from the past while looking to the future. The result...
Olly and Molly
When a creative brief tasked them to "make something connected to the Internet that doesn't live on the screen," Foundry, a small research team at Mint Digital, came up with Olly, a scent-based system rewarding social media activity or, as they describe...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Prototyping Displays with Chris Weisbart
Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding with Chris Weisbart this video has been removed.
Rotor Digital Camera
The Rotor Digital Camera, a concept developed by designer Charlie Nghiem, is in an effort to reinvent a new interface for using digital cameras. Offering an innovative way of browsing through features and options, the Rotor gets rid of buttons...
Vintage Mercedes Prototypes
As a recent guest at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, I fostered a new understanding and appreciation for the brand and its history. Inventors of the automobile, Daimler is constantly innovating and exploring new solutions for safety, comfort...
What the Hella?
by Jack Shaw What the Hella?, a set of sustainable hair-removal products by New York design studio The Way We See the World, combines sustainability and aromatherapy in one DIY concept. The tongue-and-cheek name comes from designer Hella Jongerius...
StudioMontag, an open association of product designers and students who met at Germany's Bauhaus-University Weimar, share an interest in transforming daily life into something incredible. A brilliant illustration of their creative thinking, the...
Smart Grid Athletic Lights
A finalist in the Philip's Livable Cities Awards, Andrew Burdick's "Smart Athletic Grid Light" prototype has enormous potential to prove how urban development and sustainable design can work together. In association with Ennead, the idea was seeded...
Design Indaba: Pecha Kucha
From the seven recent design graduates highlighted for their distinct talents at Cape Town's Design Indaba conference on creativity, three particularly stand out for their innovative viewpoint and compelling demonstrations. While the others—Camille...
ITP Winter Show 2010
We checked out the Interactive Telecommunications Program 2010 winter show yesterday at Tisch School of the Arts and like previous years, the overall depth and range of the projects was in itself impressive. Below are some that stood out for their...
John Kestner
Being a graduate student at MIT's Media Lab is generally a solid prerequisite for assuming someone has brains and John Kestner is no exception. His two new projects explore relationships with digital media, attempting to anchor online interactions...
Funny USB Memory Stick #6
Designer Mac Funamizu's clever prototype, the Funny USB Memory Stick #6, allows users to physically see the digital contents contained on a mini flash drive. The clear glass device uses lights to indicate the amount and type of data stored. A fully...
Smart Design's Proto-iPad
Always ahead of the curve, even 20 years ago Apple envisioned computers as a source of personal entertainment—a mobile device that could capture images, play music, and serve as a platform for viewing catalogs and magazines. In a recent Fast...
Belly Love
With a shape inspired by coral and covered in glowing tentacles that move, Florence Jaffrain's "Belly Love" looks more like a prop from Burning Man than a piece of furniture. Prioritizing a more sensual experience, the Paris-based...
Puyl Integrated Bike Pump and Light
An ingenious example of multifunctional design, Kai Malte Röver's Puyl (for pump up your light) combines a bicycle pump and LED headlamp. The Royal College of Art graduate won the 2009 Eurobike Award in the student category for the design...
Active Furniture
Active Furniture, a project by Spanish designers Virginia Pol, Ferran Lajara and Cristina Guardiola, uses counter-intuitive design as an antidote to our increasingly sedentary lives. The three objects—a floor lamp, a desk and a wall hanger—...
Sèvres Vase Clock
The Sèvres Vase Clock, a prototype by Georgios Maridakis, indicates the hour with an audible knock. Just place the vase of your choice on the brass and wood stand and the hammer will strike the vase each hour. Each vase makes a different sound...
UFO Disposable Birdseed Plates
by Jack Shaw Andrea Ruggiero brings green design to the backyard BBQ with his disposable UFO (Unidentified Feeding Object) Plate that's reborn as a birdfeeder after use—a concept he originally came up with as part of InDisposed, a recent...
Halo LED Spray Can
Mimicking an aerosol can, Paris-based designer Aïssa Logerot's Halo uses an LED light in place of a nozzle and gets its power from the same shaking action that mixes the paint. The interchangeable LED bulbs allow different colors and brightness...
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