Heath Newsstand, San Francisco
Best-known for their gorgeous pottery, CH favorite Heath Ceramics now has a new space attached to their Mission district, San Francisco showroom. The recently opened Heath Newsstand was created with the aim to inspire and unite the community; the...
Public / Private / Portrait
Mossless was founded in 2009 by Romke Hoogwaerts as a digital platform for interviewing a different photographer every two days. It made the transition into the physical world in the form of artist-made publications, and their fourth issue—a thematic...
Feelings: Soft Art
With contributions from the likes of Tracey Emin, John Baldessari, Ryan McGinley and more, experimental book "Feelings: Soft Art" explores contemporary art with a focus on emotions and sensual, gut reactions. Via interviews, short essays and (of course...
Interview: Pallet Magazine
A high-quality quarterly for “people who like to think and drink,” the recently launched print publication Pallet is decidedly not a craft beer journal. Instead, Australian co-founders Nadia Saccardo and Rick Bannister use the subject as a jumping...
Tycho Journal
With the ambitious goal to be "the most beautiful science fiction journal of all time,” Tycho Journal—co-founded by Adam Brent Houghtaling (former EIC and Brand Director at BlackBook Magazine) and Cici James (proprietor of science-fiction book...
Kill Screen Magazine Gets a Redesign
Five years ago, Kill Screen became a printed reality thanks to a Kickstarter campaign. Nine issues were produced on just $6,000—speaking to not only their frugal ways but their strong, driving vision of creating a platform for thoughtfully discussing...
Filmme Fatales Zine Pack
With contributors from all over the world, Filmme Fatales is a publication that explores the world of women in film. Launched early January 2013, the zine now has six issues in its back catalog, with themes ranging from "One More Shot" to ladies in...
2015 New York Art Book Fair
The 10th anniversary edition the New York Art Book Fair, hosted by Printed Matter at MoMA PS1 in Long Island City, felt more focused and streamlined than ever, yet still featured over 370 booksellers, publishers, artists and institutions from 28 countries...
HANNAH: A Magazine Celebrating Black Women
Qimmah Saafir founded her magazine HANNAH (now funding on Kickstarter) not purely from passion, but also necessity. Saafir believes that, while a narrative around black women exists, it's not diverse, wholly inclusive or voiced by the women themselves...
Milhouse From Memory Book
With over 100 illustrations of everyday hero Milhouse Van Houten (aka Bart Simpson's BFF) each drawn from memory, Kieran Gabriel's new book promises to delight readers. The drawings—by professional artists including Jean Jullien, Kali Ciesemier, Rose...
ANP Quarterly's First Issue in Two Years
by Chérmelle D. Edwards Returning after a two-year hiatus, ANP Quarterly—founded and published by PM Tenore of lifestyle, surf and skate brand RVCA—releases its first issue of 2015, which also marks the publications’ 10-year anniversary. Beautifully...
Pet People Magazine
The bond between people and their pets is fascinating. Years of nuanced looks, noises and nudges form an unspoken understanding that often transcends many human relationships. Pet People Magazine understands this, and has set out to explore the...
Polanski Vol. 04
In 2010, NYC-based Art Director Irwin Tobias Matutina started Polanski, a Tumblr dedicated to excellent found photography featuring equally attractive women. Needless to say, their collective sharp eye for high-quality images quickly gathered a large...
Drink Factory’s Silent Neon Flowers Magazine
The art of making good cocktails continues to fascinate us, as ever-more advanced cocktail bars open up globally and sipping concoctions becomes an oftentimes performance-heavy experience. London is home to the Drink Factory (founded by Tony Conigliaro...
Print is Dead. Long Live Print.
Compiled by The Guardian journalist Ruth Jamieson, "Print is Dead. Long Live Print" is a hardcover tome that looks at independent publications—and explores the reason they are thriving in a time when traditional magazines are struggling. Jamieson profiles...
AIGA's Well-Trained "Eye on Design"
Fresh from celebrating its centennial anniversary in 2014, AIGA—one of the ultimate authorities on design—has turned its focus to the 21st century with its new blog: Eye on Design. AIGA has always stood on the cutting edge of the design world (and...
Toast Magazine
Readers won't find restaurant reviews, recipes or overly stylized food porn photos in UK print magazine Toast; the long-form editorial content is neatly focused on personal narratives, artwork, history and other creative celebrations food and drink...
Riposte Magazine
A creative publication celebrating smart women making the world a more interesting place, London-based Riposte Magazine follows a set format of "five ideas, four meetings, three features, two essays and one icon" for a fully fascinating read.
2014 It's Nice That Annual
The end of the year is as much about looking back as it is moving forward. And when the holiday music kicks up, the "Best Of" lists follow swiftly behind. Our friends at London-based publication It's Nice That put together one of the most anticipated...
Cultural Almanac Membership
Creative consultancy Grossman & Partners shares their critically acclaimed insights in an annual hard bound publication, and their new membership service will come complete with this year's limited edition almanac, as well as a weekly email service...
Compass Cultura
Miles away from Lonely Planet, NatGeo and Fodor's, you'll find Compass Cultura, a new digital approach to travel journalism. The ad-free, subscription-based project aims to elevate the genre by celebrating creative, thought-provoking writing above...
Interview: Le Dictateur's Federico Pepe
Federico Pepe is a slightly peculiar figure in Italy's arts and cultural landscape. Advertiser, artist, graphic designer, video-maker, typographer—over the years his hybrid interests have seen him collaborate with celebrated artists like Maurizio...
Celebrating 20 Years of Juxtapoz
Founded by artists and collectors back in 1994, Juxtapoz magazine has remained a significant publication and a true champion of the contemporary art world—and those who keep it spinning. Created as the antithesis of the stuffy, old-fashioned scene...
Stay Wild Magazine
by Eva Glettner Stay Wild founders—husband and wife team Amy and Justin Morrison—are self-professed adventurers who live by their new magazine's mission statement. The duo (the former a business planner and the latter a creative director with over...
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