Race Cars

Test Drive: 2016 BMW M2
The sad mediocrity of companies creating products that try to be all things to all people all of the time is a conversation commonly overhead at CH HQ. Heroically, the new 2016 BMW M2 is just the opposite—an almost flawlessly executed small performance...
Speed Sisters: The Middle East's All-Female Motor Racing Team
The Speed Sisters (aka Betty, Marah, Mona, Rhana and Noor) are the subject of a documentary by Amber Fares. The film—which is still in production—follows the lives of the Middle East's first all-female motor racing team, their struggles not only...
Cunningham: The Passion, The Cars, The Legacy
Briggs Cunningham is the most important American racer and sportsman you have never heard of. Not only is he responsible for racing stripes on cars, but he also owned the first Ferrari (166SC) ever raced and sold in the USA. Cunningham—who was tremendously...
Gentlemen's Guide to Racing
by Katharine Erwin If you love Britain's Top Gear and you like racing, The GGTR (Gentlemen's Guide to Racing) may be your new favorite TV show. Helping to bring back chivalry in racing—or at least inject it with a healthy dose of humor—GGTR is reminiscent...
Lime Rock Historic Festival, 2013
by Katharine Erwin One of the most beautiful race tracks in the country, rich with history and free of corporate plastering, Lime Rock Park is tucked beneath luscious mountains in northwest Connecticut. The precious 1.5 mile track was dubbed the...
Seize sur Vingt + Lime Rock Park
New York atelier Seize sur Vingt is renowned for its craftsmanship and attention to detail. Specializing in tailored shirts and suiting, the esteemed label is not afraid to boldly experiment with design and fabric, while staying true to its quality...
Detroit Electric SP:01
by Nicole Rupersburg As the automotive capital of the world, Detroit is known for the Big Three—GM, Ford and Chrysler. But a new player in town, Detroit Electric, aims to make a name for electric automotive in the Motor City. The name pays homage...
Cool Hunting Rough Cut: The Bentley Blower in NYC
When our friends at Bentley Motors hit us up with the chance to go for a spin in the super charged 1930 Bentley Blower around New York City we grabbed our camera and headed for a cruise. The Blower, brought over from England for a little tour in...