"I Fought the Law" Photo Book
Part trivia, part photo book, Olivia Locher's new "I Fought the Law: Photographs by Olivia Locher of the Strangest Laws from Each of the 50 States" is both pretty and witty. Explore the weird and wild laws (some of which still stand) from all over...
Meet Me in the Bathroom
Lizzy Goodman's "Meet Me in the Bathroom: Rebirth and Rock and Roll in New York City 2001-2011" ($15) is the incredible story of NYC's explosive music scene in the early 2000s—in which bands like The Strokes, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, LCD Soundsystem and...
Queen of Bebop: The Musical Lives of Sarah Vaughan
Written by Elaine M Hayes, "Queen of Bebop: The Musical Lives of Sarah Vaughan" explores the jazz musician and human/women's rights activist's incredible—yet often looked over—existence and legacy. From her early life in Jersey, to the ways in which...
Welcome to the Universe
Co-authored by Michael Strauss (a professor of astrophysics at Princeton University), J. Richard Gott (professor of astrophysical sciences at Princeton University) and Neil Degrasse Tyson (astrophysicist, cosmologist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium...
Morbid Curiosities
The benefits of "Morbid Curiosities: Collections of the Uncommon and Bizarre" are two-fold. For the light reader, one can turn page after page to find hundreds of startling images. For the deeply curious, Paul Gambino's analysis offers up insight—not...
Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Bookworms
There's almost never a bad time to read a book. Fortunately, for some, the end-of-year holiday provides time away from just about everything and an opportunity to dive deep into reading. If you plan on spending your vacation on a couch while the snow...
Modern Life
Exploring the strange, confusing and oftentimes distressing modern world, French artist Jean Jullien has created a thoughtful and thought-provoking book. While his keen observations on life in the current climate can be a little cheeky, they're always...
The Girls: a Novel
A beautifully written book, Emma Cline's debut novel "The Girls" explores the secret lives of adolescent girls; the perils of the in-between. Set in the late '60s in Northern California, it's a story not just of young women, but an of era and a Manson...
Our Back to School Reading List
Whether you're voracious readers or simply image-seeking page flippers, the following eight books reflect some of the most interesting that have crossed our path recently. As students head off to school, we can all jump on the book-reading band wagon...
Including 15 books and over 250 myths, Ovid's "Metamorphoses" is a true classic—one many of us may feel a little shameful about, for not having read it yet. The clever and energetic poetry links mythical stories (like Pygmalion and the fall of Troy...
Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Bookworms
There might not be a better gift than a book. No matter your loved one's gender, race, age, job or obscure interests, there's a book for them somewhere in the world. And, at this late stage in the holiday season, a book is also one of the easier solutions...
The Thanksgiving Reader
We're approaching that time of the year many people come to dread for its airport travel clogs and the political arguments that await at dinner. Thanksgiving is just T-minus 10 days and this year, entrepreneur and blogger Seth Godin suggests a...
What We're Reading: Music Books
After you've listened to album after album on Spotify, recovered from a weeknight concert, bombasted by music at the local bar, it's sometimes nice to let the ears rest. There's still another way to get your music fix, however—in the form of bound...
Naked Wire People Bookmarks
Handmade in Seattle by silversmith Shelli Markee, the Naked Wire People Bookmark can be used to hold your spot in your current book but is also a miniature work of wire art. Each bookmark is a one-of-a-kind item, complete with private parts.
Airline Visual Identity 1945-1975
In his new book, "Airline Visual Identity 1945-1975," Matthias C. Hühne captures the grandeur of travel in an era when passengers dressed up for their journeys. The large-format book features airplanes, world destinations, animals, flags and events...
Toast Magazine
Readers won't find restaurant reviews, recipes or overly stylized food porn photos in UK print magazine Toast; the long-form editorial content is neatly focused on personal narratives, artwork, history and other creative celebrations food and drink...
Lone Wolf Magazine Subscription
The unvoncentional biannual fashion magazine Lone Wolf presents a beautiful narrative that's both fierce, lovely and supremely feminine. The latest issue pays homage to Parisian culture of the 1920s and '30s, with profiles on a prima ballerina and...
A History of Reading
In 1996, essayist and editor Alberto Manguel produced a 22-chapter literary adventure solely exploring the act of reading. His passion for turning the pages was met with clever anecdotes and well-researched information, all uniting to form "A History...
What We See When We Read
From nothing but an assembling of letters on a page—strung together into words and sentences—readers craft fragmented visions. This visualization can be powerful enough to illicit the strongest emotions and reactions, experiences in other worlds...
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