Redesigning the 2018 Infiniti QX80
by Andrew Maness Sometimes a minor refresh goes a long way, and such is certainly the case with the recently debuted 2018 Infiniti QX80. CH got a sneak peak at the QX80 last month in Los Angeles and it's clear the subtle changes to company's flagship...
Audi Debuts The Next Generation A7
"Projects like this, as a designer, are a dream. Everyone wants to draw sporty cars," says Sebastiano Russo, an Audi designer whose sketches helped land him a spot on one of Audi's most exciting cars, the new Audi A7 fastback. Audi invited us to their...
PAX 2 Vaporizer Improves on the Original
Over two years ago we reviewed and adored the PAX Vaporizer. Today PAX Labs has released its successor, the PAX 2—an improvement on the original in every way. The general Kazoo-like design remains the same, but the device is now smaller, lighter...
Informing the Future
Since starting Cool Hunting in February 2003, I have derived as much joy from designing the container as creating the contents. With each of our five previous redesigns, we have strived to push innovations in web design while simultaneously elevating...
Aperture: Hello Photography
If the world is drowning in imagery, consider the newly designed Aperture Magazine your most dependable life preserver. As the esteemed print publication heads into its 61st year, they have paused to acknowledge the increasing surplus of imagery...
Plymouth Gin
Next time you reach for Plymouth Gin, you'll notice their newly redesigned bottle. A welcomed transformation from the tall, square-shaped vessel with a navy blue and silver color scheme to a rounded antique-style shape and distinctive oval label...