Peanut Butter Wolf: RIP 2016 On the first day of 2017, Peanut Butter Wolf (aka Chris Manak, the founder of Stones Throw Records) began releasing his RIP 2016 mixtape in parts. Just a few moments ago, Part 3 appeared on Soundcloud and—like the previous...
Interview: Graham Dunning and the Mechanical Techno Machine
Multiple layers of modified records rotate on the turntable. Some of the vinyl has been sliced and bent, while others have little nuts and bolts drilled in or are covered in stickers to blank out certain sections. A ring stand—normally used to clamp...
Interview: Danish DJs Den Sorte Skole
John Oswald, Girl Talk, DJ Shadow and even Pogo are recognizable artists who made their name creating new music exclusively from samples. Copenhagen-based collective Den Sorte Skole distinguishes themselves not just because of their numbers—their latest...
Kaleidoloop Sound Collector
Designed by Owen Osborn and Chris Kucinski, Critter & Guitari's musical instruments encourage play and experimentation. Their portable Kaleidoloop, for example, records sounds and manipulates them by altering playback speed and direction—so you could...
From Car Plant GIFs to a Custom Dance Track
Building a car from scratch, it turns out, results in a polyphony of rhythms and melodies as team members, 15,432-pound robots, stamping presses and more work in sync on vehicles rolling down the assembly line. Through their latest project Gifony...
Hudson Mohawke: Valentine's Slowjams Chapter VIII While Valentine's Day might be over, Hudson Mohawke released the latest in his annual slowjams mixtape series: Valentine's Slowjams Chapter VIII. The playlist begins with a live cover version of Earth...
Fugazi Edits
Founder of music label Case/Martingale and recent resident DJ at Marie Claire magazine, music maker and producer Chris Lawhorn has created Fugazi Edits, a new record made entirely by sampling every single song in the band Fugazi's discography. The...