Scandinavian Design

Helsinki Bluetooth Speaker
Danish audio company Vifa's latest portable offering comes in a petite, square-ish package but surprises with its power and sound quality. The Helsinki speaker, launched in time for this year's summer picnics and outdoor parties, comes with a beautiful...
Baselworld 2015: Georg Jensen's Vivianna Bangle
In 1967, Danish design house Georg Jensen partnered with iconic Swedish designer Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe. Two years later, the Vivianna Bangle was born. It defied traditional time-telling logic, in that Bülow-Hübe sought to free people from the...
Test Drive: The All-New 2016 Volvo XC90
An hour outside of Barcelona in a sleepy seaside town that only sees action a few months of the year sits the culmination of an $11 billion dollar investment. Volvo's 2016 XC90 is the product of not just the global investment that came from Chinese...
The Handsome, Portable Vifa Copenhagen Speaker
Launched at the 2014 Stockholm Furniture Fair this past February, Copenhagen is the first wireless speaker from Vifa. Though the Danish company has over 80 years experience making loudspeaker components, they rebranded as a consumer audio company...
Scandinavian Design at Austere, Downtown Los Angeles
It was an old auto showroom sitting empty at 9th Avenue and Hill Street in downtown Los Angeles, but as soon as brand consultant Fredrik Carlström—who originally hails from Sweden and now lives in New York—laid his eyes on it, he quickly knew it...
Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 18
A celebrated innovator in material design and a pioneer in the school of thought that designers should work side-by-side with engineers, over the last 88 years Bang & Olufsen has released some of the most iconic designs in the home audio-visual category...
Thin King Salmon Skin Card Case
Designed and produced one at a time in Finland, Thin King is Helsinki's answer to the bulky wallet most people have sworn to never own again. The sturdy anodized aluminum card case has been making noise in design circles for a while now, and the...
CIFF KIDS: Three Scandinavian Kids Labels
Scandinavians have long been highly regarded when it comes to furniture, fashion and food, and some of the region’s finest children’s labels are ensuring the next generation grows up with that seemingly inherent sense of understated style. CH met...
Volvo Concept Coupé
The history of Volvo is a storied one. Various ownership changes over the past decades and an arguable dearth in design innovation—the very quality that made the brand a beloved staple of intelligence in the industry—coupled with a few poor financial...