Screen Printing

Interview: Sophie Morichi of Archivio Picone
by Heather Stewart Feldman When artist, ceramist and fabric and fashion designer Giuseppe Picone passed away in 2008, he left behind a precious gift to Italian craft history. Picone's invaluable artistic legacy and many contributions were key in...
Interview: Ben Gravy of Quaffing Gravy
With a logo drawn by a tattoo artist and screen-printed directly onto its bottles, new UK beer brand Quaffing Gravy is guaranteed to stand out in the UK's burgeoning craft beer scene. The company's first beer—an easy drinking pale ale—is just about...
Central Illustration
Reaching the ripe old age of 30 this year, London-based illustration agency Central Illustration is reaching out to American clients with two limited edition screen prints and a brand new US-focused website to represent a host of its illustration...
Interview: Frith Hucks of Bay & Fyfe
by Vivianne Lapointe Proving that collectibles can be properly showcased beyond the wall or a shelf, Bay & Fyfe founder Frith Hucks is dedicated to creating beautifully finished and wearable art. The Sydney-based concept label first caught our...
The Ride Gallery
There seems to be no shortage of interest in surf culture recently. While not all of us are gifted with natural surfing ability, the draw to the sport's free-spirited culture never seems to fade. For both legit surfers and casual enthusiasts looking...
Burgerac + Rob Flowers Tray
Burger lovers and illustration aficionados alike will delight in the latest collectible from London's infamous burger detective, Burgerac. Part of the his ongoing burger art collaboration series, which started in 2011 with the Burgermat Show, Burgerac...