September Scotch

September Scotch: The Antique Blend-Inspired Shackleton Whisky
In 2007, one of the more significant discoveries was made in the world of whisky. While restoring Sir Ernest Shackleton's hut in Antarctica (used during his 1907-09 "Nimrod" Expedition, when he went further than anyone had ever before but was 97.5...
September Scotch: The Maritime Malt Old Pulteney
Anyone who's taken a sip of Old Pulteney Single Malt Scotch can attest to the fact that it's a memorable one. This includes everything from the gentle hints of salt in the liquid to grasping the peculiar bottle. The Old Pulteney distillery dates back...
September Scotch: The Balvenie Embraces Peat
One of the most popular and critically acclaimed single malt scotch brands (together no small feat in such a highly competitive category), The Balvenie entices and appeases lovers of Speyside whisky. The winning recipe here is a portfolio of complex...
September Scotch: Glenfiddich Gets Experimental
All single malt whisky drinkers know the name Glenfiddich and have most likely consumed one or many of its expressions. It's another renowned Speyside-style portfolio hailing from Duffton, Scotland with centuries of history behind its development...
September Scotch: Three Times Distilled Auchentoshan Single Malts
The distillery for single malt Scotch brand Auchentoshan (pronounced "AWK-EN-TOSH-EN") can be considered geographically distinct for an uncommon reason. Yes, it's a Lowland Scotch (as opposed to the Highland and Islay whiskies we've thus far explored...
September Scotch: 200 Years of Lagavulin
In our two previous September Scotch explorations, we stuck to the Highlands of Scotland for one profile they're commonly associated with and one that's a true variation on it all. Now, however, we're shifting to Islay—the famed, scenic island off...
September Scotch: What Old-Rare Means to Usquaebach
Before we even touch upon what Usquaebach is, we must address its rather tricky-to-pronounce name—which should be read as "OOS-KE-BAH." Stepping back to the 1500s, the Gaelic words "uisge beatha" translated to "water of life," which meant whisky. Poet...
September Scotch: The Dalmore Single Malts
There are at least 115 single malt Scotch distilleries in Scotland. Some of them produce multiple brands within. This accounts for, by the way, only 8% of the market. The other 92% goes toward blended Scotch. But how does one navigate the elusive...