Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Help NASA Nickname New Horizons’ Next Target A small, frozen world known as (486958) 2014 MU69 is the next flyby destination for NASA's New Horizons. Understandably, the space agency thinks it needs a snappier name. Some billion miles past...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Extraordinary Aurora Given a Very Ordinary Name Termed as an aurora, but technically an aurora-like feature, this phenomenon behaves differently—and has been named differently too. While most auroras ripple and fade horizontally, this one appears...
Pizza Deck
Measuring 8.375 inches, this Pizza skate deck is bold and definitely not for carb-free skate enthusiasts. This split-stain deck comes with a sheet of grip (black or clear) and has a decidedly retro vibe.
Baise en Ville Skateboards
We met up with Laurent Pierre and Anne Isimat-Mirin during Paris Design Week, during which the duo launched their Baise en Ville Skateboards campaign on Kickstarter. The term “baise en ville” is slang frequently used for a small overnight bag...
CH Global Spin: Pretty Poison, Bali
By Karen Day Is skateboarding big in Bali, an island with rocky roads known most for its tremendous surf scene? If Maree Suteja has her way, it will be soon enough. One year ago the vibrant Australian expat built Pretty Poison, a warehouse-style...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Olafur Eliasson Invades Versailles with Spatial Installations Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson has taken over France's palace of Versailles with a series of large-scale installations that challenge visitors to exercise their senses. Organized...
Personalized Penny Skateboard
Saltwater Planks has taken a more natural approach to the popular Penny skateboard by swapping out its plastic deck for one made from solid maple. With either black or white trucks, the board can be personalized to any rider with a custom engraving...
Paul McCarthy + The Skateroom at MoMA Design Store
Los Angeles-based artist Paul McCarthy, known for paintings, performance, photography and mixed media works that tackle our perception of everyday activities and the darker side of Western culture, has partnered with arts organization The Skateroom...
Blast Skates Illustrated Boards
A little while ago London-based illustrator Matthew Bromley put his freelance illustration career on hold in favor of a nine-to-five design job. This regular salary has meant Bromley could fund his very own skate label, Blast Skates. This week, the...
Bamboo Bay
by Emily Millett Originally from London and Northampton, board sports enthusiasts Ludi Ludlow and Amy Roberts are now proud to count themselves amongst the colorfully diverse residents of Brighton in southern England. This surf-friendly coastal...