Slip On

CH Omakase 2017: Sabah + Fernanda Uribe Shoes
When living in Turkey, Sabah founder Mickey Ashmore developed a fascination with Turkish footwear, which led him to Gaziantep and a collaboration with the craftsmen of one of the oldest family workshops there. The result was a pair of hand-stitched...
"Fingerprint" Indigo Jacquard Slip-Ons
The non-repeating woven pattern that's been custom-made for The Hill-Side's "Fingerprint" indigo jacquard slip-ons guarantees no two pairs are the same. Ethically manufactured at a small, 140-year-old mill in Okayama, Japan, the sneakers are sewn and...
Men's Lightweight Indigo Sashiko
Made from 100% cotton, yarn-dyed indigo sashiko, these slip-ons from the TOMS + The Hill-Side collaboration feature quintessential elements of each brand. Thanks to The Hill-Side's ties to Tokyo, the fabric comes from Japan, while the design of the...
Salotto Shoes
M Gemi's Salotto slip-on shoes, crafted by talented Toscana artisans who use the highest quality materials, can be paired with casual shorts as easily as with suit pants. With a nappa calfskin upper and an all-leather lining, these shoes feature a...
Eight Slip-On Sneakers
While there's a vibrant world of quality shoelaces for customizing your footwear, sometimes you just don't want to deal with tying them. The following selections sacrifice laces for the sack of ease, but still place style at the forefront. The options...