Smart Devices

OneCook Personal Robotic Chef
Modern kitchen appliances can brew you the perfect espresso, bake a fluffy loaf of bread, mix a killer cocktail or even blend up a personalized smoothie—all with the press of a single button. So why not program them to cook a full meal? That’s...
Neo Smartpen N2
Winner of the 2015 iF Design Award, the Neo smartpen N2 is an intuitive pen that can convert ink-drawn notes, sketches and scribbles into digital memories. The pen tracks movement and pressure as you write on paper, quietly storing data in its internal...
Cocktails Connected with SodaStream MIX
Can a home beverage machine be a smart device? SodaStream certainly thinks so and their answer is the MIX. At Milan Design Week 2015, SodaStream recently unveiled their new connected device that that can be controlled via smartphone and runs with...
Olio Model One Smartwatch
by Michael Frank The team behind the new Olio Model One—veterans of Apple, Google, Movado, Audi and Pixar—have acknowledged something that all smartwatch makers should too: the fact that, for 400 years, people have been choosing watches for style...
Introducing the Runcible Heirloom Electronic
Even today's most beautifully designed smartphones will be disposed of in time. As the technology within becomes outdated, the whole device is discarded or donated and the collective conscious grabs hold of something shiny and new. Not only does SF...
Boréal Bikes smrtGRiPS
Technological innovations in the bike world continue to abound. While some carry more merit than others, there's no shortage of digital innovations that aim to make cycling safer as well as more convenient and efficient. Montreal-based Boréal Bikes...
Flic: Cute as a Button
It seems that nothing can stop the Swedish startup juggernaut at the moment, as another piece of tech by Shortcut Labs gets its crowdfunding launch. Unlike many hardware offerings though, Flic is a simple premise at a winning price point. Essentially...
Smart Booo Wireless Light Dimmer
As the internet of things as a concept continues to materialize, more and more smart products for the home are introduced. Some are born out of necessity, while others seem to simply exist for fun and to push the space further. The Smart Booo lands...