Smart Phones

Jeremy Scott + Google Pixel Live Cases
For all the acclaim circulating around Google's Pixel smartphone—from its camera technology to the substantial benefits it offers to anyone who uses any and every other Google service—only a small portion has been dedicated toward their Live Case...
Introducing the Runcible Heirloom Electronic
Even today's most beautifully designed smartphones will be disposed of in time. As the technology within becomes outdated, the whole device is discarded or donated and the collective conscious grabs hold of something shiny and new. Not only does SF...
Kenu Highline iPhone Case
Whether you're dangling off a glacier, ice axe in hand; knee-deep in a river while fishing; riding the chairlift; chances are you'll want to snap a few photos. You'll also want to keep your phone from plummeting into an abyss, a body of water or...
The Elements Phone Pocket from Bellroy
For some, keeping the daily pocket essentials together is a struggle in and of itself. When traveling, however, even the most organized among us are prone to misplacing items when thrown out of our daily routines. Designed to keep one's phone, cards...
MUJI Splash-Proof Smartphone Speaker
Japanese design powerhouse MUJI has released a new water-resistant speaker for your smartphone. Though this is an entirely new design, MUJI is far from a newcomer to the world of practical audio equipment. Back in 2000, Naoto Fukasawa designed the...
Mika Universal Stand
A perfectly simple aluminum stand, Mika is a new accessory from Bluelounge that offers convenient reading across all portable devices. The height of the stand can accommodate everything from smart phones to oversized tablets, cradling them snugly...
Announced today, the new HTC One is one of the most exciting releases in recent memory from the Taiwanese manufacturer. At first glance, the flagship phone features an understated, yet premium form with its 4.7" edge-to-edge HD display set seamlessly...