Baselworld 2017: New Fossil Q Smartwatches
Forever on the quest to contextualize releases in the worlds of smartwatches and wearable tech we got all the advanced details on Fossil's forthcoming Q smartwatches. Revealed during the Baselworld watch and jewelry fair, the new Q pieces can be...
Montblanc's Google-Powered Summit Smartwatch
The wearable technology boom began with many pieces foregoing traditional watch design aesthetics. Since, however, Samsung and Apple (and many more tech companies) have adopted attributes belonging to horological language, hoping to lure in the traditional...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. New Planets Are a Google Doodle The news that NASA discovered an exoplanet system some 40 light-years (235 trillion miles) away from Earth—three of which are in the habitable (or Goldilocks) zone—was a big deal yesterday. Never a company to...
Matrix's Body-Heat-Powered Smartwatch, PowerWatch
One of the biggest challenges to activity- and sleep-tracking gadgets happens to be the disruption caused by charging. While battery life has improved for certain devices, anyone looking for a solid, entire day read loses accuracy for those power...
Misft Debuts the Phase Hybrid Smartwatch
Plenty of companies in the wearable tech world have shied away from embracing traditional watch design in lieu of bands, bracelets or necklaces. As a relatively new product category—in the grand scheme of things—it's allowed for a clean slate of design...
CoWatch by iMCO
Chinese company iMCO's new CoWatch has everything a smartwatch these days needs to offer: activity-tracking sensors (including heart rate), smart-home integration, compatible with iOS and Android, 1GB memory and 8GB storage, and an impressive...
Leather Apple Watch Strap
Made from high-quality four-ounce American Bridle Leather, Bexar Goods' Apple Watch strap is a sophisticated way to add a feeling of heritage to a futuristic smartwatch. Available in tan or medium brown, the vegetable-tanned strap features three different...
Olio Model One Smartwatch
by Michael Frank The team behind the new Olio Model One—veterans of Apple, Google, Movado, Audi and Pixar—have acknowledged something that all smartwatch makers should too: the fact that, for 400 years, people have been choosing watches for style...
The Span Watch from Box Clever
With their new proposed timepiece, design firm Box Clever offers up a refined amalgamation of what we love in analog watches and what we've come to expect from modern technology. A jump hour, quartz-driven timekeeping unit operates the hour hand...
Maison & Objet Autumn 2013: Sound Innovations
As Odile Decq told us in our recent interview, the most important and interesting changes in home decor are related to technological advances, specifically as we become more comfortable with bringing technology into our living spaces. Our tour of tech...
Boddie Smartwatch
As we continue to grow more and more attached to technology, the weight of social relationships and ever-connectedness builds with it. While we all seem to subconsciously know the downside of this lopsided relationship, few of us do anything to address...