Ski and Snowboard Kits for Big Mountain and Backcountry
by Sasha Barkans Nothing can spoil a great snow day like bad gear. Puffy jackets in wet conditions will shut your days down early, uncomfortable and heavy backcountry equipment will slow you down on the up-track, and that poorly shaped split board...
Zero Gravity Storage Racks
For anyone living in cramped quarters or with too much stuff (notably seasonal gear), Zero Gravity Racks offer a solution. First, it maximizes ceiling space by resting high up on the wall and laying parallel to the surface. Second, it pulls itself...
Hand-Painted Bike Helmets
NYC's Danielle Baskin designs and paints landscapes, video game throwbacks, educational charts and even internet memes and emojis through her one-woman company, Inkwell Helmets, proving the slightly dorky safety precaution is just as fun and customizable...
United Shapes Snowboards
Designing for the next Golden Age of snowboarding, United Shapes is a the latest creative venture from Steven Kimura and Peter Sieper, the duo behind NYC-based Owner Operator outerwear. Taking a similar approach in terms of inspiration and attitude...
Jones Snowboards' Mountain Surfer
It's safe to say no name is as linked to backcountry snowboarding as Jeremy Jones—so much so, his name is rarely seen without "Big Mountain" preceding it. Under his eponymous brand, Jones Snowboards, he has designed and released a wide array of heavy...
2015 Lib Tech Skate Banana
Known worldwide for their innovative approach to snowboard design, ecologically-minded construction techniques and distinctly heady graphics, Lib Technologies might very well be responsible for the most radical changes in snowboard design over...
Vapen Snowboard Boot
Whether you're lapping the park or searching out powder stashes off piste, the comfy Vapen from Nike and Poler is a medium flex snowboard boot made for a wealth of riding styles. Design details include an ergonomically notched liner for all day comfort...
Coal + Otter Wax 5 Panel Hat Collaboration
Yes, it does rain more often than not in the Pacific Northwest, but that doesn't mean you can't get out and enjoy the wilderness. To outfit all-weather adventurers this spring, Seattle-based hat brand Coal teamed up with their Portland neighbors...
Jones Ultracraft Splitboard
The core snowboard industry continues to mature with more and more innovation and development in backcountry tech. Whether it's due to an aging demographic looking for a peaceful alternative outside resort riding or a newfound interest in powder...
2013 Snowboard Gear
While it may not entirely feel like it in certain cities, winter is in full swing, dumping snow in many regions and offering temps low enough to fire up the snow guns in others. After introducing the Nitro T1.5 and ThirtyTwo + Crab Grab collaboration...
ThirtyTwo + Crab Grab
Since 1995 ThirtyTwo has continually produced the lightest and some of the best-selling snowboard boots in the industry. Since 2012 Crab Grab has produced little pieces of foam that you stick on your board to improve foot and hand traction. While...
Nitro Snowboards T1.5
While a mild winter seems to be leaving most regions with a lackluster snowpack this year, the Northwest was blessed with a heavy snowfall over the holidays, providing a more than ample range of terrain to test the limited edition 2013 T1.5 Hyped...
Westcomb Focus LT Hoody
Whether you spend your spare time in the great outdoors or exploring the city, a lightweight, waterproof jacket is a staple this time of year. A standout among the masses of Gore-Tex and Thinsulate out there is the Focus LT Hoody from Westcomb...
Red Clouds Collective
Offering a wide array of simple soft goods in leather and canvas, Portland, Oregon-based Red Clouds Collective is the brainchild of Jason Brown, Owen Johnson, Seth Neefus and Dan Weaver. "There's a bunch of us that come from the skateboard and hip...
Salence Caisson
Taking its distinctive look from the timeless topcoat, the double-breasted Caisson jacket from Salence offers a unique look for hitting the slopes. The fully lined wool and polyester blend coat is both breathable and waterproof, with quilted insulation...
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