Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Banksy's New Steve Jobs Artwork Confronts Refugee Stigmas Located on a wall inside the Calais refugee camp, Bansky's latest piece features the image of late Apple founder Steve Jobs and aims to confront the stigma that refugees drain countries...
Mymo's Reinvented Monograms
One year ago, NYC-based designer Patrick Durgin-Bruce debuted a clever and unique update to the idea of monograms. Developing his own font and proprietary software, Durgin-Bruce created Mymo—an entirely customizable amalgamation of letters that are...
Adobe Releases Highly Anticipated Project Mighty
We've been fans of Adobe's Project Mighty since first previewing the stylus and software solution back in September of last year. So today—the official launch day—we're pleased to present a video we originally produced for the 99U conference in...
Adobe's Projects Mighty and Napoleon
At MAX, Adobe's annual creative conference, the brand announced its exploration into the world of hardware development. Today, Michael Gough—Adobe's VP of Experience Design—took the announcement one step further. Their proposed cloud pen; Project...
Playground Sessions
Gaming meets Chopin with Playground Sessions, a downloadable software that teaches piano through its breakthrough "Play to Learn" approach. Riffing on the strumming-to-scoring simulation of Guitar Hero, Playground Sessions enables users to practice...
Ferrari World Design Contest
Ferrari invited us to their headquarters in Maranello, Italy to see the work of the seven finalists in their year-long World Design Contest. The contest tasked the students with devising a concept car design with the brief to reduce fuel consumption...
The Barbarian Group just released their new Instagram-powered screen saver named Screenstagram. It lets you connect your Instragram account to your desktop screensaver and displays your feed or the Instagram popular feed live. The sleek add-on takes...
Creator 2011 Giveaway
The Roxio Creator 2011 media suite brings photos to life with its first-ever set of tools for capturing, creating and sharing 3D photos and videos on a PC. The program works with both content captured on a stereoscopic camera or standard 2D device...
CH x Evernote
We're excited to announce that Cool Hunting has partnered with Evernote to provide exclusive content for their brand new here.
Graffiti Analysis
The brains behind the daringly clever TSA Communicator project, iconoclastic technology artist Evan Roth is now spearheading an equally compelling software project, Graffiti Analysis. Roth and his co-collaborators have developed an open source...
Happy Birthday Photoshop
Today Photoshop, the application many of us have used longer than any other, turns 20 years old. Happy birthday!
Subzero Installations x ENESS: The Color Of Snow
Leave it to the Aussies to figure out a way to combine extreme sports with innovative design. Using their own software program, Pixile, the interactive designers at ENESS were able to calibrate video projections of eyeballs onto giant snowballs, creating...
Simple tools are always the best way to accomplish simple tasks. Such is the case with my new favorite multi-platform app, Shifd. It's basically a really easy way to capture and view notes, places and links from your mobile phone, web browser...
Apple TV v2
Adding a few capabilities that help realize its full potential, the newly-launched version of Apple's computer-to-TV entertainment software is a massive improvement over the original. The biggest plus for aesthetes like us is the 1080p output...
Symbol Caddy and Corporate Ipsum Widgets
Brian Haslanger is a designer who has created two handy freeware widgets for Apple's OSX. Corporate Ipsum creates placeholder text according to your length and paragraph specs. Symbol Caddy is a widget I use all the time when writing posts—...
Voiceprints by Pierre Proske
Inspired by repeating visual units in Japanese textile design Voiceprints, created by Pierre Proske, uses specially-designed software to translate voice patterns into a design. More specifically, Proske loops and analyzes frequencies to create an...
SimulScribe, the brilliant and simple voicemail service that transcribes your messages into an email (20 November 2006) has just launched a new application that beats Apple to visual voicemail. SimulSays, released today, is a downloadable application...
phling! is a new mobile service that lets you tune in to the music stored on your computer (PC only for the time being) from wherever you are. To use it you download applications to both your mobile phone and your PC. So long as the PC is turned on...
Gamers wanting a deeper narrative, story lovers wishing they could step inside the action, or simply anyone interested in the next wave of gaming will want to check out Storytron, software for interactive storytelling that is now available in pre...
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